She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Earth Day has past
But we should, by now, understand
That it is not just about the Earth anymore
It is about us
Who we are
What we are
What we will become

For humanity has become inextricably entwined
With the Earth and all her habitats
With the very environment that sustains us
Who we are
And what we do
Are now more important to our survival than ever before

We are one
It is time to take measure
Of what that means
And of what responsibility comes with it

It is no longer a matter
Of "Us and Them"
We are they
They are us

Half of Us are trying to survive
On less than $2 U.S. per day
Less than 1% of Us
Own more than half of the wealth
Of the entire population of the planet
Combined We spend each year
Three Trillion U.S. Dollars
To defend ourselves
From one another

Inextricably entwined with the Earth
Just as we are inextricably entwined with technology
We consume our very selves
Because we cannot get enough...

from the Hopi
A way of life that must consume the life force of others in order to survive

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Though seemingly reluctant
Spring continues to slowly unveil her magic secrets
As every day new birds appear
Northern Flickers join the insect safari
Deftly hopping and hunting
Between patches of melting snow
Slowly the white banks retreat
Revealing bright green blades
Worshiping the Sunlight
Lifting their faith skyward

In blatant disregard to the weather
The Goldfinch changes into his attractive summer jacket
A few feathers at a time...
Meanwhile in the chilly water
Eastern Painted Turtles made an appearance today
Skirting the edges of fragile transparent sheets
Frozen remains of last nights freeze

Peep frogs debate the right to sing
Their chorus rises and falls
From crescendo to crescendo
While the trees hold their softly swelling buds
With silent anticipation

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Last Day of Winter

The elements and the winds have conspired
The tempestuous clash almost over
A long hard Winter, it was not giving in without a fight
My hopes for an early Spring left frozen on the bathroom window each night
Crystallized in frozen moonlight
The stockpiles of firewood dwindle...
And now it has come to this, as the March sun intensifies and the days grow long
That Winter has expended his final strength in one last hurrah
The temperature here topped out at sixteen today, yet the few bare patches where the snow has melted are wet and muddy where the sun hits them.
Tonight will see record lows, likely below zero here on the hill.... Tomorrow temps will be in the forties.
Warmer temperatures are in the forecast for the next week, after which the snow will have melted and the warming effect will have become more than Winter will be able to overcome.
April may well see a chilly spell or two, but Winter is over
A seasonal tipping point if you will, that seems to have fallen to one single day.
This one.
The last day of Winter.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Pale Shade of White

Outside my window
Under the trees
White ice, white snow
White lace like windswept curtains blow
White, white, white
Until all color fades away
And I must surrender and finally lay
White down, white night
White cloud blankets; frozen white

I am pale now and in white moonlight do I reside
But in that white unbroken shadow
Doth the rainbow hide...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lost In Reflection


Where The Wild Things Are

Strong Deer with Long legs
Take council in the night beneath my aged apple tree
I see them sometimes on sleepless nights
Other times I am awakened
Feeling their soft footfalls in my sleep before hearing them
The Strong Deer cease their silent whispering and look up
At the sound of my eyes opening

Monday, February 10, 2014

In Passing

This long road I never expected to see
Past the vanishing point milestone markers melt slowly
A billion billion drops of rain never counted and the wind
Working overtime to the same conclusion
The silent stars stand witness
They alone hold the key
For the road begins and ends by their good grace
Time and space
And the secrets they share
Be they particle
Or wave

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


For Pete Seeger

Good bye Pete
Tributes abound but for me it's personal
A part of me has died
But a part of you shall live on
I will carry on
We will carry on
We will give Peace a chance
In this land, your land, our land, all lands
We will hammer out Freedom, Justice, Love
We will remember where all the Flowers
have gone
We will demand Clear-water and clean Air
From the Hudson River to Hudson's Bay
From Woody and West Virginia coal mines
To Giant Redwoods and the Big Muddy
You taught me well
I will miss you

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Some deer pass by
Invisible in the darkness
Their soft footfalls and the occasional sound of a snapping twig
Are the only evidence of their passing
The close pressed night shrugs and pays no notice
But Sandy, my dog, is going out of her mind

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Bright stars blaze down
Upon freshly fallen snow
Pleiades, The Bull, Orion
Gazing at my little farm
As they wheel and turn above.
Fashionably late, the Moon struggles
As she climbs the back side of the hill
A hot fire, a hearth fire
Fills the room with an infrared glow
Outside the world slows with frozen cold
Testing the patience of the ever watchful stars; so bright
Though they say not a word
They wink and nod knowingly.