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Friday, March 31, 2006

Mud Flats and All That

Bright sunlight and a warm breeze embraced me
As I left my car behind to walk along the Mohawk River at lunch.

My secret little path through the woods along the backwaters gives me a passing glimpse of many feathered friends:

Blue Jay
Palliated Woodpecker
Downey Woodpecker
Tufted Titmouse
Mallard Ducks
Lesser Scaup
Canada geese
Green winged teal
Purple Finch
Rufus Sided Towhee
Slate Colored Junko
Song Sparrow
Purple Martin

Will all be added to my list of sightings for this season

River levels are controlled by man - and man wants her waters to be low today...
Not uncommon this time of year - heavy rains, expected at anytime - somewhere along the river can cause her to rise up and spill over her banks.
Dropping the water level helps to controls these spring floods - should the rains come in such inundating volume
The silent river broods and bides her time, waiting to show man just who controls who...

The low level of the water exposes long shiny mudflats and I was hoping to spot some shorebirds, but the waders had other ideas. Perhaps they had a meeting planned?

A chorus of birdsong, stunningly beautiful, surrounds me as I reach the bikepath...

Up and down the long grey asphalt ribbon spandex clad rollerbladers and cyclists weave in and out among scattered walkers and joggers.

I perceive that behind their expensive sunglasses and headphones they are enjoying something more like a show - than an experience; that they are missing the song which surrounds me - a rare and beautiful song - replacing it with some song made in the studio - which they could listen to in the car or at home.

The consequences of isolation from the world that sustains them - from each other
Buying into the false notion that because they are out there - they are a part of it all

How sad - to deem yourself healthy - while being so disconnected from Mother Earth's love

In the wet mud I spotted tracks coming from the water and correctly identified them as those of a snapping turtle.
Not bad considering I had to do this from 200 feet away - through my Binoculars...
I followed them as best I could with my eyes, up the embankment and through the woods. Then I saw her -
A large snapper - about four feet long laying her eggs with a sense of patience only a mother would understand.
She knows that in this moment - she is the future.
She is connected - she has always been connected...

Purple finches were bickering noisily in the brush. Bickering over mates, and I wonder if they feel something like the jealousy that can paralyze me so at times...
"Go away! She's mine!"
"I saw her first!"
"Well she doesn't want you anyway - she likes me better!"
"No she doesn't!"
"Can't you see we're nesting here? - move along!"

Meanwhile out on the River the Green Winged Teal and the Mallards are all paired up and peacefully feeding in the shallows which man has inadvertently provided while waiting for the spring rains to come.


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