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Friday, April 07, 2006

Excuse Me!

I must remember that being honest with other people about who I am and how I feel is so outside the norm of pretense and charade that most people will not accept it very graciously.

There was a time I would just prattle off the things I knew people wanted to hear - just to be loved and /or accepted
But not anymore…
I like who I am and I’m not changing
For anyone

If you are put off by such honesty that’s ok – just move along
Kindly keep your ridicule and displays of distaste to yourself
They are not necessary
They just make you look smaller than you already are

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Aikidosan said...

i like who you are too bob. in the mahabarata, one of the characters is posed some questions by dharma disquised as a crane (or heron? can't remember) and one of the questions is "what is the road to heaven?" the answer, "truthfulness". i translateed 'road to heaven' as 'road to happiness or an authentic existence', and 'truthfulness' as honesty with yourelf and others. this has been an important lesson for me.