She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Same Old...Same Old

No new thoughts for today
Just the same old same old
My mind is lost and far away
Only the river knows who I am inside
The river has accepted me
But she doesn't say much
Lately I have been wanting somthing more
But that human quality escapes me
I may have to wander far from this place
Before I find someone who understands
And so I am restless
The river holds my spirit and trys to comfort me
Only the river knows who I am inside
She will miss me when I'm gone


Aikidosan said...

where you goin bob? just wondering, and wherever it would be, i'd wish you fair weather (fair meaning balanced meaning sometimes it rains, sometimes it don't. tis natures way) and smooth sailing (smooth is a relative term).

i'm rambling

have you ever heard of a book called 'ambivalent zen'? it had some really signficant moments for me, though it had some annoying traits too. the ending left a little to be desired, but the journey was well worth it.

Aikidosan said...

and i know what you mean about the river not saying much. that happens to be sometimes too.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

I'm goin where ever people are willing to listen -
I might never have to leave my chair -
I may have to wander the open road
I'm noit lookin to change the world - I'm looking to start a movement

Dani said...