She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Friday, September 22, 2006


Before humans, dogs flew everywhere.
Their wings of silky fur
wrapped hollow bones.
Their tails wagged
like rudders through wind,
their stomachs bare to the sullen earth.

Out of sorrow for the first humans
stumbling, crawling,helpless and cold
dogs folded their great wings into paws
soft enough to walk beside us

They still weep for us, pity our small noses,
our unfortunate eyes, our dull teeth.
They lick our faces clean, keep us warm at night.
Sometimes they remember flying
And bite our ugly hands.

Kenneth Brewer


AnonymousTrollingAsshole said...

This one isn't so bad, but the last stanza could use a tweaking.

Overall though, a big improvement.

AnonymousTrollingAsshole said...

on second thought, this poem does suck.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

This poem was written by Kenneth Brewer Utah's Poet Laureate
It won national acclaim
I posted it here in honor of his passing earlier this year

And also to point out that the trolling asshole is just that
And knows nothing about poetry

Or anything else for that matter

Lydia said...

Today I decided to treat myself to one page of your earlier posts, Bobbb. And here was this poem by Kenneth Brewer to provide commentary for my week. Here's why:

Two days ago Abby (she's in the recent picture at my blog) was rolling around in the grass in a totally blissful state. Worried that the smell she found intoxicating might not best be brought indoors, I lightly touched her side and asked, "Whatcha got there, Abby?" To which, she nipped and sunk a tooth deftly into my wrist. My skin and ego punctured, I left her there & called my doc who sent me to the ER. It wasn't as bad as many they see, they said, and assured me that if she'd wanted to harm me the wound would be worse. I'm on antibiotics because it was close to my hand, and have a small supply of Vicaden to celebrate Summer Solstice!
And Abby, well, all is forgiven but the next time she is recalling flight (whether awake or asleep) I'm staying away...