She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Monday, November 06, 2006

Though You Might Not Know It

I went to the river
She was singing
Migrating ducks were passing through
Wood Duck
It was beautiful

The river knows me well for I come often
I listen to her
And I stand on her banks

But the water does not stay
The water passes through
And the water connects the river to everything
And to everybody.

Find your self a drop of water
Any water
If you are sad
A teardrop will do

Think about how many molecules are there

Just in that one single drop
Now think about each one of those molecules
They are older than you.

Older than the sand and the stone
Upon which you stand
They have been here since the beginning.
Every molecule in every drop.

Now think about how many drops there are

In the river before me
Just in this one place
Just on this one day

There is big magic here
Though most people dont see it
Yes, if you have ever cried

Even once
The river knows you.
She touches you

Everytime you bathe
Wash dishes
Walk in the rain.

You are connected.

I hope you feel better soon


Morgan said...

I have chills and tears in my eyes. But they're happy tears and I think the river has felt them too.
You are now officially one of my favorite people.
~*~ Morgan~*~

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

TY Morgan
The feeling is mutual

Anonymous said...

Thank you :-)

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...