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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tribute to Frank Zappa Pt 1

Frank Zappa

December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993

What can I say about Frank Zappa
He was a mentor to me

Just about everyone I know has a skewed opinion as to who he was or what he was about.
People like to laugh when they hear a few dirty words in a song, or a poo poo joke
And that’s all they hear from then on

Many took offense at his candor and humor.
But not me

Frank taught me the importance of honesty, and realistic points of view
To think independently, even when my ideas were not the most popular.
Frank taught me how to believe in myself and not look for the approval of others to determine my own self worth.

He said some profound things, yet when I look for quotes of his most people just list a bunch of phrases from his song lyrics.
They are trying to show off how “down” they are with Frank’s music, like some kind of fanzine contest.

I know of all these lyrics, and can quote them all, and many are fun but they do not sum up what Frank was about.

He would have laughed at such a notion.

So I am going with this one:
“Without deviation from the norm, there is no progress”

Thanks for that Frank

And thank you for some of the most intricate yet devastatingly beautiful guitar work I have ever had the privilege to enjoy.

I miss you Frank
No one will ever take your place, and that’s ok
For who possibly could?
You were unique


Morgan said...

Alas, I cannot view the clip from work. But I might not get it anyway, being as I'm not a Zappa fan. :-(

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

that's ok Morgan
I am

If you get to know me and we find the time to talk about him - I would wager that you would at least appreciate him

He was special - but the world really doesnt know this

Morgan said...

"Without deviation from the norm there is no progress"

Excellent and true. Now I wish I'd paid more attention to him.
I've learned a lot from you, Bobbb. I'm glad we met.