She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I dreamed there was an island
That rose up from the sea
And everyone on the island
Was sombody from TV

There was this beautiful view
Which nobody could see
Because everybody on the island
Was saying:
Look at me
Look at me
Look at me...

Is exactly like where you are right now
Only much, much better...

Extract from "Language is a Virus
Laurie Anderson


Honour said...

it's all about what we are aware of isn't it bobb? reading your words (or words you wish to focus on that were written by another) is always a pleasure. peace to you ...

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

I had this running through my head all the way home from work

Probably some nonsense on the radio set me off

Hopper said...

thanks for stopping by to see me at blade of grass... nice to make new friends... well met... I've linked to you on my site and will check back regularly to see what you're up to... catch you on the flip side... cricket

BBC said...

I moved where I am after a powerful dream, and it's been one strange journey since.

Going to where I know not where because I'm not at the end of it yet.

I've looked at Zen some, and see flaws in it as I do all religions. Ever consider just being yourself?

I refuse to study religions anymore and trying to adopt one. I am part of the all, I am the all. And so are you, and so is everyone else.

Not that I have great hopes of this mess being fixed. At least not until the great spiritual awakening that we are god in evolution, if that ever happens.

Right now I have little hope of that happening. Hugs.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Not to worry BBC - I am just being myself
That has been difficult at times, flying in the face of organized religion
I like the peaceful approach of Zen though - and I feel some sort of "kinship"
And some of the beliefs of Tao really speak to me
Especially that he never ever intended to set any of his teachings to text
I like the connection to nature and to the earth
Earth Fire Air and Water...

I also feel very strongly drawn to the beliefs of the native American peoples
Admittedly, there is some Native American blood in me, but that comes from a few generations ago
And my beliefs have now connected me to my ancestry far beyond that
2,000 generations - to when we left Africa
2,000,000 generations to when we began to make tools
2,000,000,000,000 generations to when we shared a common ancestor with most modern mammals

Back almost to the beginning my mind has wandered.

But it was science that delivered me to where I am now
Awareness my watchword
And a list of my prophets would have to include Kepler, Bohr and Newton.
Copernicus, Einstein...
And Carl Sagan
It may seem odd
but through science, I found spirituality
I believe in creationism - at least in the sense that everything we know and experience, and a good deal more than we cannot, was created in the Big Bang
The moment that the infant universe cooled enough to let the photons escape the particle matrix - the loss of that energy allowed the atoms to "crystallize" out of the energy cloud - almost all of it in the form of hydrogen.
A record of this event may still be seen if you know where and how to look
In the form of a fading glow in the microwave spectrum we can see the form of the infant universe
See "WMAP"
And so I also believe in evolution - for from that cloud of hydrogen the universe emerged.
The stars
The galaxies
The elements
and life
What you describe as us evolving as god, I see as the very fabric of the universe rising up to contemplate it's own very existence...

I am part of the all, I am the all. And so are you, and so is everyone else.

The more I learn about particle physics - the truer this statement becomes

human being said...

hi Bobbb !
this is the second time i'm here... your beautiful and truthful words and poems on other friends' blogs brought me here... the way you see all things connected to each other... the way you care for all the beings...

and when crows stop by a beautiful garden they should crow and tell how they are impressed... if they don't, they will lose some feathers... this is the thing humans describe as getting a bad conscience... :)

and now that i'm reading your recent comment here... i'm much more amazed... the way of Zen.... the Native Americans... the way science has been a bridge to spiritualism for you...

hmmm everything here is so familiar and so soothing... i love places where you go and learn much but no one pushes anything upon you saying, "i'm teaching you" ... saying
"look at me
look at me
look at me..."
but saying: i'm just living my life... even they don't say this... they just live their life...

i welcome myself to one of the presentations of the paradise...