She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've Looked At Clouds

To leave my bed
It’s chilly

Outside the window
A blank page

Foggy mornings
Are special
On the farm
I can hear
The neighbors
Back door
Hinges squeak


Like it was right there
Though he lives
Almost a mile

A dog barks
Lilacs tremble
The blackberries nod knowingly

Wet grass
Wet shoes
White fog

Heading to the garage
In a white wonderland
It never gets old

Dew turns this place
Into magic
Early energetic sunbeams
And Fail
To get through


Is transparent
To sunlight
But fog
Is not

It begins to warm
And to lift
To leave it’s bed

It clings
To the grass
Rising slowly
Trees hold
Lingering veils
Wisps of lace
Trailing behind
Gracefully letting go

As a cloud
Is born

With magnificent slowness
It takes to the Air
Joins the others
A vast
Beautiful ballet
In the sky

Is transparent
To sunlight
And to me

Some is warmer
Some is moister
Some is denser
Some not so...
But these things
I cannot see

Learn what to look for
Ask of the wind
Listen to the wind
Watch the sky
The clouds will tell you
All these things and more

May be invisible

Are where things
Are happening

Friday, May 23, 2008


Honour made a comment on Lynn's Blog
Getting My Feet Wet

"A weeping willow in our old yard died and we kept the wood for firewood.
Seems funny, but every time we build a fire
(or I tote it off to the parks for a camp out) - I think of the tree and all my memories of it."

This connected to thoughts
And to memories running through my mind
Of late...

Thoughts about


It is not a thing
So much

As it is
A state

Of transition

We use the term


But perhaps
A better word
Would be


Would burn
If the molecules
The very atoms
Were not willing
To let go

Energy released
Sustains the transition
Fire comes to life
It breaths


Just like you

Now I too
Think about the trees
When I have a fire
In the hearth
Or under the open sky

For I have known many a tree
Their forest homes too
I don't remember when it began
But I talk to them
And I listen

Incredibly sad
And beautiful stories
As told from
A single physical perspective
While the world
And time itself
Went flowing past

Eager broad leaves
Limb lifted
To the sun
Catch photons

Big science...

Air and Water

Come from
The Earth

They join forces
With sunlight
To make


Root, Bough
Leaf, limb
Stem and fruit
Big magic...

Day after day
Year after year
The tree grows
Builds itself
With sunshine
A byproduct
Of Helium production
Ninety three million
Miles away

As I sit
Before the camp fire
On those chilly Adirondack nights
The flickering flames
Whisper to me
It's light
And heat

Are Sunlight

Trapped and stored
In the wood
For ten
Seventy five years

Sunlight set free

By Fire

Servant of man
It cooks our food
Keeps us warm
Forges metals
Bakes ceramics
Makes darkness flee

Fire burns deep inside
Each one of us

For we too
Are made from sunlight
Captured by the green plants
And made into food
Which in turn
Is made into You
And me

The sun feeds us
It becomes us
And we become her
Keeping us
Inescapably connected
To the beginning

Combines with food
In every cell
Of your body

The process is the same
In my campfire
In my body


Energy released
Sustains the transition

Comes to life
It breaths


It's sacred life
Is entwined
With our own sacred lives

Big magic...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Not for nothing
Do my thoughts wander
Seeking always
The eternal flame

Not for nothing
Do I ponder
The reason we come
And we go
Are the same

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The secret purpose

The Sun
Energy supply for almost all life on earth

We all draw our energy from the Sun
Through the grace
Of the living green plants

They use photosynthesis
To turn sunlight, Carbon and Water
Into complex molecules
Which we like to call

And Oxygen also
To power our world
And the cells within us
With Fire

Sunlight drives the weather
Feeds the oceans
And the forests
Keeps us warm
Illuminates our world
With color
And lifts our spirits
By defining the darkness
And holding it
At bay

Now the Earth has a secret energy of her own
Deep inside
She holds the fire
Of her turbulent beginnings
But it is the heat
From decaying isotopes
That keeps her molten

Greedy atoms
Desperately holding
An extra neutron
Or two…

Failing in this
They break
Releasing the energy
Of an ancient star
To the secret fire
Within the Earth

This Nuclear energy is the Earth’s own life-force
The continents
The atmosphere
And, to a large degree
The oceans

Nuclear energy provided the stage…
Solar energy transformed the Earth
Into an environment where life can thrive and grow

Evolution does the rest
Giving life the opportunity for unending variety and limitless potential

All of this created
From an immense cloud of hydrogen
Leftover from the big bang
And mixed with debris

From our sun’s ancestors

Huge stars
Gone supernova
Long ago

Leaving behind
A mix
Of all the other atoms beyond hydrogen

There are no new atoms here

They have all come from the big bang
Or are leftovers from stars long gone

For every star harbors a secret within
The light they provide
And their generous warmth
Are just byproducts

Every star is in fact a factory

Where deep within
Hydrogen atoms are fused into helium atoms
By the stars immense gravity and heat

Helium is then fused into Carbon
Then Oxygen
And so on

The bigger the star
The more kinds of atoms it can make
And the bigger stars will return these atoms
Back to the universe
To be used again

Every atom on earth

Indeed in the whole solar system
That is not a hydrogen atom
Was made deep within the heart
Of an aging giant star long ago

The biggest stars explode when they get old
In an astounding event called a supernova

The exploding star ejects the atoms
That it has been secretly making
For billions of years
Back into the primordial cloud of hydrogen from which it came

Thus changing the mix
From which new stars will arise

Indeed all of the atoms from cobalt to uranium
Are created in the instant
Of the supernova itself
And thus are much less abundant
Than the atoms from helium through Iron

The idea of recycling is not a new one to the universe

It is the fundamental process that has given to us this planet
Which we inhabit

Why therefore cannot mankind learn the benefits of this simple yet profound concept?

Truly we are stardust
The Sun
The Earth
The Air
The Water
And every living thing

Every atom that makes up you
Was made in the fire
Of a burning stellar factory
Long ago

As the maker of light
And food

The Sun provides for us every day

Yet it does so only as a byproduct
As it tirelessly goes about
Its furtive business
Fusing hydrogen
Into helium
For its own secret purposes

Long after mankind has come and gone
The sun will reveal its secrets to the universe

In a mighty explosion
The products of its long labor
Will be returned to the cloud of hydrogen
That gave birth to her

The atoms, which the sun builds today
While providing us with light
Energy and food
Will be added to the mix

Monday, May 12, 2008


The Earth speaks
In whispers
So subtle
As to pass most by

Or you would think

But you feel it
Even if you are not


It troubles your dreams
And causes you
To lose your train of thought

Buckminster Fuller
Once said

Let your notions
About what is

At sunset
Feet wide apart
Face North

Arms outstretched
Due East
Due West
Free your mind
As you watch
The setting sun

And you will feel it


You don't always realize it
But the Earth
Is a traveler
Of cosmic proportion

And we
Are passengers

Racing through space
Even as we sleep

Over time
And the Earth
Became as one

And the elements

Conspired with sunlight
To shape life
From the chaos

We are a part of it
Not it's sole beneficiary

This beautiful thing
Is what she is telling you

Sunday, May 11, 2008

More rocks

"me think stones can go, too..."

Do the stones go ?

I came across this thought from Miladysa today

"I have to touch these stones with my hand, often I
see better that way, I have no idea why."

What a beautiful thought

It made me think
About how rock feels
When you touch it

How you see it
In that tactile light

I remember once
There was red
And white sandstone

I remember now
The way it felt
In my hands
Under my feet
The grain

I still have a piece of it

It traveled with me
For a time
In a pocket
On the side of my backpack

And I got to know
That particular stone
Pretty well...

Long ago
Before people
Before dinosaurs
Rocks were forming
And mountains of rock
Pushed up
From the burning heart
Of the Earth mother

Just as they do today

And just like today
Those mountains grew
The earth shook
And moved on

Leaving them
To stand
Monuments to
The power and Majesty
Of heat
And radioactive decay

Time however
Did not forget
Nor did the wind
Or the rain

They played their music
And over time
The mountains fell
Just for the shear beauty
And persistence
Of their song.

As the wind and rain
Danced and danced
Slowly the rocks relented
They began to break

Crashing thunder
River rapids
Pitting stone
Against stone
In an endless struggle
For the bottom

And finally
Relentless waves
Endless coastlines
Of forgotten seas
Reducing stone
To mere grains of sand

What was mountains
Now were beaches
And deserts dry

Lost in time

With a story to tell

And as mountains do
So a seabed can fall too
Deeper and deeper
Like old boxes in a closet
Layers of stuff

But the Earth
Like the universe
Does not throw
Anything away

From the likes
Of forgotten beaches
And lost deserts
Is sandstone made

And lifted
From deep
Sleeping beds
To grace
The face
Of the Continent

New mountains
Made from forgotten beaches
And lost deserts

And iron
There was also
And a few other elements

To give colors unique
To those hills
Where the wind
And the rain
Still dance
To this day

This the rock told me
With slow ponderous patience
Late at night
As the embers
Of the dying campfire
Lay winking and glowing
Beneath an infinity of stars

Saturday, May 10, 2008


The rocks know
Ask of them
And they will tell you
If you listen

Childlike stars
The Earth
With life

I contemplate
My self
The living tapestry

Without the blessings
Of the earth mother
I could not survive

And even a pile
Of these rocks
Can touch me

With the breath
Of understanding

And for this
I am grateful

Friday, May 02, 2008

I Am

I am
So are you
We are as one - don't hide
Without pretense, or pride

Born, never asked
Why in this time?
Why in this space?

Question not the all
For we come
So very briefly
To this place