She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Friday, May 23, 2008


Honour made a comment on Lynn's Blog
Getting My Feet Wet

"A weeping willow in our old yard died and we kept the wood for firewood.
Seems funny, but every time we build a fire
(or I tote it off to the parks for a camp out) - I think of the tree and all my memories of it."

This connected to thoughts
And to memories running through my mind
Of late...

Thoughts about


It is not a thing
So much

As it is
A state

Of transition

We use the term


But perhaps
A better word
Would be


Would burn
If the molecules
The very atoms
Were not willing
To let go

Energy released
Sustains the transition
Fire comes to life
It breaths


Just like you

Now I too
Think about the trees
When I have a fire
In the hearth
Or under the open sky

For I have known many a tree
Their forest homes too
I don't remember when it began
But I talk to them
And I listen

Incredibly sad
And beautiful stories
As told from
A single physical perspective
While the world
And time itself
Went flowing past

Eager broad leaves
Limb lifted
To the sun
Catch photons

Big science...

Air and Water

Come from
The Earth

They join forces
With sunlight
To make


Root, Bough
Leaf, limb
Stem and fruit
Big magic...

Day after day
Year after year
The tree grows
Builds itself
With sunshine
A byproduct
Of Helium production
Ninety three million
Miles away

As I sit
Before the camp fire
On those chilly Adirondack nights
The flickering flames
Whisper to me
It's light
And heat

Are Sunlight

Trapped and stored
In the wood
For ten
Seventy five years

Sunlight set free

By Fire

Servant of man
It cooks our food
Keeps us warm
Forges metals
Bakes ceramics
Makes darkness flee

Fire burns deep inside
Each one of us

For we too
Are made from sunlight
Captured by the green plants
And made into food
Which in turn
Is made into You
And me

The sun feeds us
It becomes us
And we become her
Keeping us
Inescapably connected
To the beginning

Combines with food
In every cell
Of your body

The process is the same
In my campfire
In my body


Energy released
Sustains the transition

Comes to life
It breaths


It's sacred life
Is entwined
With our own sacred lives

Big magic...


K.C. said...

Such perspective that this brings that most people just do not think about. If they could, how differently they could see the world... KC

Forever Young said...

your poetry is awesome, have been following your comments along the blog lines.

Honour said...

bobbb, so pleased to be connected to this beautiful stream of thoughts ... unlocked -- it's a concept we need to apply to everything in our life, all of our fires within ... life is too precious not to take advantage of all of that big magic within. i feel quite blessed to have a kindred spirit like you out there!

Cestandrea said...

HI Bobbb, thanks for visiting my blog, so that I could come and discover your poetry:)
Wow, I have to spend some time here in order to understand everything, if I can...

human being said...


F inding
I nside...
R hythmic
E nergy...

Gina said...

That is a really cool and thought-provoking poem. I often think of things in this cyclical sense as well.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Yep perspective is a biggie
Albert Einstein was all about perspective
Mine comes from years of quiet contemplation
Listening to what the universe is tells me
Along with a lifetime of learning
The more complicated the science gets
The simpler the big picture becomes

Process – ongoing

Forever Young
Thanks for the Kudos
It seems most everything I write
Comes out like poetry lately
And that’s OK by me

The blessing is mutual
And it brings joy to my heart
Kindred spirits are not always easy to find
Unlock the magic within yourself

You can have everything
If you let yourself

(Donavan – Pebble and the Man)

Interesting footnote
An article in the New York Times today talks about the therapeutic value of just “being” and “accepting”
The Buzzword is “Lotus Therapy”


I am glad you like
Understanding is an ongoing process
So take what you want
Leave the rest
Come back as often as you like
Open eyes
And mind
Are all you need

A fiery acronym for me
S o
M uch
I s
L ife
E nriched
By these thoughts

Glad you stopped by
May thoughts provoked
Evoke thoughts

Honour said...

Bobbb! reading my mind, again, I see. Lotus Therapy. I love it. Actually, reading Kabat-Zinn is what garnered my interest in this area in the first place. Coming from a health sciences background, his book really interested me. I read "Wherever you go, there you are" first ... and ever since ... the journey hasn't ended. I'm reading his most recent book - "Coming to your senses" along with some of the more traditional buddhist teachings too. thanks for the link - i'm going to share it with some friends of mine.

Lynn said...

those clouds in the top photo
look to be on fire
oh how well this all flows together
so glad you came to my blog
so I could find you and yours
enjoying your poetry for a while now
did you take those photos?

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

A few of the photos are mine –
But that will be changing
(I’m camera shopping as we speak)

The clouds actually came from NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab
(Public Domain)

I got some emails about the “Fuzzy” picture of the Earth and Moon on the Earth post

This picture was taken from the Mars Orbital Camera
It is a view of our Earth and Moon
From another world
Our fellow traveler

The Navajo Sandstone pic came from an advert
The snowy trees River pics and the Swan
Are mine

The rainbow was a gift