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Sunday, May 11, 2008

More rocks

"me think stones can go, too..."

Do the stones go ?

I came across this thought from Miladysa today

"I have to touch these stones with my hand, often I
see better that way, I have no idea why."

What a beautiful thought

It made me think
About how rock feels
When you touch it

How you see it
In that tactile light

I remember once
There was red
And white sandstone

I remember now
The way it felt
In my hands
Under my feet
The grain

I still have a piece of it

It traveled with me
For a time
In a pocket
On the side of my backpack

And I got to know
That particular stone
Pretty well...

Long ago
Before people
Before dinosaurs
Rocks were forming
And mountains of rock
Pushed up
From the burning heart
Of the Earth mother

Just as they do today

And just like today
Those mountains grew
The earth shook
And moved on

Leaving them
To stand
Monuments to
The power and Majesty
Of heat
And radioactive decay

Time however
Did not forget
Nor did the wind
Or the rain

They played their music
And over time
The mountains fell
Just for the shear beauty
And persistence
Of their song.

As the wind and rain
Danced and danced
Slowly the rocks relented
They began to break

Crashing thunder
River rapids
Pitting stone
Against stone
In an endless struggle
For the bottom

And finally
Relentless waves
Endless coastlines
Of forgotten seas
Reducing stone
To mere grains of sand

What was mountains
Now were beaches
And deserts dry

Lost in time

With a story to tell

And as mountains do
So a seabed can fall too
Deeper and deeper
Like old boxes in a closet
Layers of stuff

But the Earth
Like the universe
Does not throw
Anything away

From the likes
Of forgotten beaches
And lost deserts
Is sandstone made

And lifted
From deep
Sleeping beds
To grace
The face
Of the Continent

New mountains
Made from forgotten beaches
And lost deserts

And iron
There was also
And a few other elements

To give colors unique
To those hills
Where the wind
And the rain
Still dance
To this day

This the rock told me
With slow ponderous patience
Late at night
As the embers
Of the dying campfire
Lay winking and glowing
Beneath an infinity of stars


Miladysa said...

Absolutely rockingly beautiful post Bobb!

And thanks for the mention :-D

K.C. said...

This was beautiful. My young daughter loves to look at rocks and it made me remember how I loved to do that as a child. Why and when did I forget to love that? KC

human being said...

me think stones can go, too...
i repeat my words once more
yet this time
i have watched you
through time
with a stone accompanying you

i watched it
drop by drop
through your words...

me think stones can go, too
since they live in you
in me, too...

Honour said...

slow ponderous patience ... lovely words. reading the poem was like a lesson in zen for me ... learning to slow down, see things in the big picture, slow, slow, slow. bigger than me. bigger than you. as you've said before, "big magic". I am breathing better now. Thank you :)

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Welcome Miladysa

And thank you for the inspiration
I was out rock hunting
And found your blog...

KC welcome
It matters notwhy and when
As long as you remember
Slow down and take a step back

Children are blessed, because they always approach things on the simplest of terms...

HB thanks for reminding me that rock run in cycles too...

As always it's an honour
To you I owe thanks
for re-awakening my voice

Honour said...

Bobbb ... I will accept your words of thanks ... but need to share it back with you (for being so encouraging of my courage) ... with Human Being (whose own courage forces me to be honest) ... with Hopper (who taught me poetry is accessible to all) ... with Lynn (whose own journey informs mine) ... with Suki (whose art inspires me) ... and many many others ... I could go on. so, thank you for your kind words that,in turn, go out to all :)