She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Sunday, June 15, 2008


And so we come to it
These pages
Made of
They connect us

There are certain

share them
They connect us as well

But there is something
Something tactile
From deep inside us
It knows us
Is a part of us
And it connects us all

For we all touch
Feel and breath
The same


We dwell
At the bottom
Of the sky

An ocean of air
All about us

It permeates our bodies
Gets intimate
On a cellular level
One of us
Without exception

Always working
Never resting
Air is the catalyst
That drives
The vast cycles
Of life
Bringing oxygen
To fuel the fire within you
Returning carbon dioxide
Back to the green plants

We don’t even see
Keep us alive

Protects us
From the hazards
Of deep space
Exchanges energy
With the oceans
To bring us weather

To all our deeds
Air is
The unforgiving
Collective conscience
That unites

Our bodies

The eagle has wings
But it is the Air
That carries him aloft

His flight

Is an act of faith

Of the highest degree


Hopper said...

...and we all must take a moment and simply breathe...

Nice post Bobb... very zen, if I may say so myself... lovely treatment of the element...

I've never gotten too much into air but have been stuck on stone and water for a while now... however the latest piece I'm working on has lots of air in it (but also lots of stone)...

I especially like the line about air protecting us from space and the outside... the atmosphere is our shield... burning up rocks and stone from space that could pummel our placid little planet if not for the air... it's amazing how important a little band of air (only a couple kilometers thick as i understand) is... without that we'd be just like Mars, or even the moon more like... desolate and covered in craters...

will have another look at this later on or tomorrow and think some more in the mean time...

have a good one Bobb and thanks for being one of the tolerant ones that chooses to share a vision of US... feels like this group is getting tighter but at the same time more open...


Lydia said...

"We dwell at the bottom of the sky" absolutely took my breath away, Bobbb! What a concept. I am sitting here just shaking my head with this new realization. This poem/these poems: I read as one continuous poem as that's the way it seemed to me.

It's been a beautiful weekend. We planted our small garden. My days of blogging about the father issue turned out to be a really good thing for me. I'm up too late and will turn off this laptop to keep your poem as my nightcap.

human being said...
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human being said...

wow Bobbb, i loved the way you opened the poem... that connection among people in the virtual world... giving way to a physical one... and air being the medium...

Jon is definitely right.. we may be more soil or water-oriented...
i feel i am more conscious of the air now...
and it's so beautiful to feel we are all connected by it... think this consciousness brings more responsibility... to look at the air as something sacred... to respect it... not to pollute it by our poisonous chemicals or thoughts...

Sohrab Sepehri a contemporary Iranian poet has a beautiful piece on water... and creates a breathtaking connection among us all by water (you can read the translation here:

and Khayyam created that connection with soil...

but i don't remember reading anything so beautiful on the theme of connection by air...

you really made me more conscious...
more... because i was aware of it to a great extent...(see how crows crow...brag?!)

i tell my students who complain about their problems to imagine themselves in three states of solid, liquid and gas...
and see how they feel about themselves... others... their problems... etc...
sure i tell them they should do it step by step... the gaseous state is not something to be attained easily...

and whenever they are surprised how well i understand them... i say because i'm in the gaseous state and sometimes in the fourth state... plasma...!!!!
and they just disperse...

okay ... crow talked about herself... as a comment on one the most beautiful poems in her world... why?
because sky is high!!!!
no kidding... the sky painted here is so high and at the same time deep that the crow has nothing to say about it... but just to show how she's excited...

Jon... perhaps the affinity among a group of people can be explained by that 'faith' Bobbb is talking about...

loved these two images very much:
'It permeates our bodies
Gets intimate'
'The eagle has wings
But it is the Air
That carries him aloft'

thanks Bobbb

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Air was difficult
And it took many posts
To get there

Of the Elements
Air is the most

It’s difficult
Just approaching
The Air

To truly acknowledge its presence
Imagine its form
Comprehend its function

Is a humbling experience

Let alone
The fact
That Air
Is invisible…

And thus
That breathtakingly
Leap of faith
That results
In the Eagles flight

This is not a matter
Of confidence
Or courage
It is faith

The Eagle
Spreads his wings
Puts his trust
And his very being
Into something he cannot see

That trust
Is rewarded
With flight

There was much more
That I had contemplated
About the ancient Chinese
And Hindus
Who first quantified
Their thoughts about Air
With words

And Young Democritus
On the beach
Watching the surf crash
The sea spray rising into the

Spray becomes mist
And the mist

Into thin Air

And Democritus understood
That something could be unseen
And still be something

Partials perhaps too small
To see…

He called them

In the end however
I felt
That the more ethereal concept
Of faith as flight
Would leave a deeper
Longer lasting impression

It is closer to my heart somehow

That trust
That faith
So powerful
That it allows a symbiosis of flight
Between a living thing
And the Air

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Thank you Lydia
What beautiful things to say
I'm glad The father issue has found a more peaceful place in your heart

I read - but did not comment
Perhaps I could find nothing to add - or say
Perhaps I sensed that it was not necessary

When the words come to me
I will share them with you

A small garden sounds just about perfect to me right now

Honour said...

... unforgiving collective conscience ...

there is this theme i see, bobb, between this post and the last

nature is much more than just a uniting force

it is a reminding force

we don't live our life in isolation

no matter how hard we try

our actions
our thoughts
our intentions

affect others

lovely post.
thanks for the reminder ...

The Disturbed One said...

You know why I love reading your posts?

There is a part of me that you speak to. I forget all about it until I come by.

Lydia said...

Stop by my blog. I linked to your blog in my post 6-23. Thanks for that poem, says Bonbon.

Lydia said...

Stopped by this early morning hour to read this poem once again. So, thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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