She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Echo

This was the song
Of long ago
That I had once sought
And never
Until it came
And found me…

The Sun escaped
From brooding
Blind darkness
With her companions
In tow

Gravitational eddies
Will do that…

She bathed
Her young companions
With light

Fire ruled the Earth
For quite some time
At the beginning…

Things cooled
Molten rock
Gave way to solid stone
The Sun
In the black sky
Gave way to smoke

And steam

Things kept cooling
Something happened
For the very first time

It rained

The angry hot ground hissed
And the blazing photons glared
Fire and Water
In a great confrontation
Found their place
And conspired
To make the weather

Now it is said
Of all the elements
That Water is the most…

And so
Most beloved
By mankind

Water speaks to us
And knows many

Especially the rain…
We hearken to it
Even when we curse it
There is something so
About its sound

It is hundreds of songs
Sung at once
Each drop
A voice

It was the rain
That found me
One night
Whispering to me in my sleep
As she often does

Then waking me
With a mighty storm

And then I heard it
The rain was singing
The song
Of long ago

Older even
Than the stones
Can remember

An ancient echo

Of the oldest of songs


human being said...

seething sorrows...
the silent season...
the sound i heard
when i was
in the womb of cosmos

Hopper said...

How I feel in your beautiful garden...

With a tumble roll on the grass headlong,
dizzied and dazed, newborn, young.
Stay away from the round-about for now
the slide or the pool seem calm and cool,
coaxing swings and see-saws.
Moving as (quickening) inertia (pulling) against a supernova:
(cycling) ever, (tightening) ever, (swiftening) ever,
(repeating) ever, (echoing) ever (reliving).

Lydia said...

I'm going to return to read this again. again. again. Until it is a part of me, the way "we dwell at the bottom of the sky" has become a part of me.

I just realized you added me to your blogroll, that seems more like an honor roll to me.... :)

Honour said...

Do you have a favorite element, Bobbb?

Mine is this one - water. Returns to all things, touches all things, and has many forms and shapes and moods.

I don't usually think of water as being "old" but I liked the way you depict it here ... wise and wonderous.

p.s. and yes, i agree with lydia - it is an honor to be part of bobb's blogroll!

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Hb sounds

I too heard the call
All my life
I’ve heard it

What a delightful sense
Of rhythm
Of motion
And wonder

Thank you

You are more than welcome to come as often as you please
That’s what Zen Gardens
Are for.


I do
I think of water as being ancient
Most of it is
But also
Water is always brand new
Newborn from state to state
Ice liquid vapor
But it remembers the past

Listen to it
And you will see

When you hear a stream brook waterfall
Think not only in the now
But in
The always…

How the water flows past
And the


Don’t even get me started
On the mighty rain…

It was the ocean though that first called to me
I lived in a fishing village on the shore growing up

I know the ocean well
It was the rain though
That woke me many years later
And really
Spoke to me.

More recently
The Rivers have been calling me
I live right near two world class rivers
The Hudson
And the Mohawk

Though those are not the names they would tell…

But is Water my favorite?

I do not know

Earth feels so
Like I have always known it
The mountains and the stones too

Air feels so
Yet so much a part
Of the moment to moment

Air can call my moods pretty well too.

And what of fire?
Sometimes I possess fire\More often it possesses me
If BBC were to ask me of my skills
Rather than implying that I have none at all

He would learn that among other things
I can make a fire outside in the rain
Without the benefit of dry wood
Brought from home
Because I know Fire well

So perhaps no full time favorite
But yes
At certain times I have a favorite
Like when I write
Or play music
Or fall asleep

adi said...

i can't tell u how much i love the rain

Honour said...

hmmm.... "think in the always" ... I like that

funny how i associate emotions with the elements ... but it need not be that way ...

nice reflections ...