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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


They were talking about climate change
On the radio
And one of them said

“All this talk about ‘tipping points’ is a myth
There are no such things as tipping points
That’s just scientific make believe”

Now I am thinking
No such thing
As tipping points?

Someone who doesn’t believe in
Tipping Points
Wouldn’t believe in
Lightning bolts
Ice ages
Mass extinctions
Nuclear fusion
Just to name a few things
I’m sure…

And they wouldn’t believe in



Hopper said...

yeah I know... that's like all the people going around saying that humans haven't impacted this change... those lot who are mocking Al Gore (though I'm not a big fan of many politicians at least he's made a bit of a stir)... how can anyone deny what's staring them right in the face???

And Bobb... this is a lovely crafted piece... the ending is a good punch...

Lydia said...

You have such a beautiful mind.

human being said...

i like to ponder on this more...
irreversible change...
something unique becoming common.....
the crow likes to know more...
for the sake of snowflakes she believes in...

Honour said...

ah - people use and abuse science.

it's like religion.

we refer to it when we want to
we don't refer to it when we don't want to

it can argue for climate change
it can argue against climate change

as a scientist (yes me!) -- I see art in science and vice versa...

and what I see are smaller snowfalls in January, hotter summers in July, and lower lakes on the mountains

sigh - if only all people paid attention to what they see....

nice posting, Bobb!

human being said...

dropped in just to say your invaluable words are ever present... even in your absence...

though i hope it won't take long... dear zen master...

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

I have returned

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Sorry to take so long to get back to you all
Been busy with summer activities
Mowing painting etc…

There is no Internet on the Farm
No Cell Phones either…

I have also entered the world of digital photography.
It was a hard choice giving up the B&W / Color darkroom
But the choice has been made
And I am starting fresh with new digital equipment

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Thank you Jon
And well said
I like Al Gore
Politics aside, his understanding of environmental issues is valid and sound.

I know this well for I have seen all the same evidence and more.
This is an issue that has touch my entire life

Thank you so much Lydia
I think that must be one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me

Irreversible change…
Tipping points
Points of no

Like slow forming cracks in a dam…

We face a number of crucial tipping points at this time
To deny them is ignorance intolerable

The Co2 level could “run away” as warming triggers more processes that release large quantities of Co2 etc…

Greenland’s ice could melt fast enough to shut down the “Atlantic Oceanic Conveyor “
Causing extreme changes in climate.
Evidence shows this has happened before.

In the air
Can cool to below

The molecules are cold enough
But lack the organization
To form ice

The “tipping point” occurs
When the water vapor encounters a particle of dust
And ice rapidly forms around it
Suddenly the water vapor freezes to it
And the snowflake quickly emerges

As if from nowhere


I too see art in science

Spirituality too

The spirituality
Of reality…

adi said...

even dinos didn't believe in a lot of things bobbb ;)
don't worry, twhy'll realize, sooner or later. we've to keep doing our bit.

human being said...

welcome back Bobbb

thanks so much for the clarifying answer... i knew about the examples... but the way you explained how tipping points occur cleared my mental image...

and happy 4th of July to you, my dear American friend...

Lynn said...

We wondered about global warming/cooling while on our trip when it snowed on us in Wyoming in June!
Still wondering...

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

I wonder too

Global Warming is an accurate yet unfortunate term
Yes – average global temperatures are climbing
This does not mean global barbeque under the vicious sun
For we are talking temperature changes of only a few degrees

However; changing the average global temperature by just a few degrees, up or down, drastically changes global weather patterns.

The real thing to be worrying about is the effect of global warming

Climate change

Climate change means just that
Not necessarily warmer

As the average global temperature rises
Wet areas will become wetter
And dry areas will become dryer
Neither good for agriculture
Things will happen that we don’t yet understand

I find the Climate change / global warming science to be fair and accurate
But if the science isn’t enough, consider this

One of the major oil companies
Has invested over forty million US dollars on “anti” global warming research
And a PR campaign designed to convince the average consumer that global warming is not a serious concern.

That in it self is not surprising; most of the major oil companies are funding “anti” global warming research, and PR campaigns, I am sure.

What bothers me is that this same company that is funding research to convince you that the polar icecap is not going to melt; has also invested two and one half billion dollars on equipment to explore the polar sea for oil after it does!

Kuan Gung said...

Feeling the consequential results and viewing them baffles the mind...the pyramid of what's best for this planet is upside tragic

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

the pyramid of what's best for this planet is upside down

Well said Kuan Gung