She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Sunday, July 06, 2008

She Sings to Me

There is a place I know
Not far from here
More than just
A place…

The night was warm
I was coming home
From an evening out
Feeling a bit down

It was an easy choice
To change my route
And follow the river home

I pulled the car over
When I came to that place
I got out and began walking
In the moonlight

Catching the Beaver
He slapped his tail
Loudly on the water
At my approach

Shimmering rings
Spread outwards
Here and there
In silence

As he and the others
Made themselves scarce

In a moment he reappeared
Slapped again
And looked carefully
At me
Sizing me up

He then followed me
Matching my stride
As I walked beside
The river

The river…

She is a mighty presence
Along this particular stretch
Almost a mile wide
Reflecting the silent moonlight

You cannot walk here
And not feel it
Feel it deep down
In your soul

If you are open
And perhaps a bit lucky

She will feel you too

It was here that the river
First spoke to me
A few years ago

I had come there to meditate
I became aware of the rivers presence
I felt her strongly
In my heart

She helped me in those days
And she helped me
Again that night
Singing of love
And all the sorrows
We hold in our hearts
And how lucky we are to have them
So as to learn wisdom