She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Thirty billion gallons
I read once
The amount of precipitation that falls on the state of New York
Averages more than thirty billion gallons (114 billion L) of water...

Every day.

I always knew that the cycles of Earth and of Life were vast…
But I had not confronted the sheer scale of it
Not like that

I started to see the rivers, lakes, streams, even the weather
In a new way

I began to see
A very big picture of



Water is
Big Magic…
One of the first compounds to be made
Was Water
The cloud from which our Sun was born
Was rich with it


Older than the earth...

The water came with us
And played a roll
In the formation of the planets

And the Earth found itself
Not too close
Not too far
Endlessly in an orbit
That allowed water to exist

As a liquid

0 – 100 deg C
32 – 212 deg F

A narrow band of temperatures


The electrical properties
Of Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms
Give the water molecule an odd shape

Very much like a Mickey Mouse balloon

This shape makes water


To begin with
When water freezes
It becomes less dense
Rather than more so

Ice floats

And so the world is not covered
With an ocean of ice


This shape also gives water molecules
An electrical property
Positive at one end
Negative at the other

This makes the molecules
Attractive to each other
And makes water flow

In such a delightful way

Water covered the young Earth
Gathered the ingredients for life
Using its polarity to help shape
The newly forming organic compounds

Water was there
Every step of the way
With unimaginable patience
Cradling life
As the ages passed

Though all else
Even the Air
Would be foreign to us now
Already there was
At the beginning
The sounds
Of falling rain
And crashing surf
To comfort life
As it played
With the idea

Of evolution

So it is today
Though we no longer dwell
In the ocean
We have taken it with us

Our bodies
More water
Than anything else
The chemistry
Has not changed

The Echo of our origins
Is carried on
Within us

Water is not static

It moves
Changes form
A catalyst for so many things


Busy, busy Water

What was once seabed
Then was mountains
Is now cliff face
Transformed by Fire
And Water

Water passes
Always there
Never the same

The river does not ask
She just flows
And the water you see today
Is not the same
As the water
You pondered yesterday

The music of Water
Even it's very presence
Can profoundly affect
The way we feel

Like children
We rejoice
In sheer delight
Just at the sight of it

Water affects the way
We see the world around us
Allows us to reflect
And see things differently

Now; Honour had asked me
About our connection with water
In comparison to that of the Air
And I’ve been a long time in coming to it…

Air has been shaped by life

Life has been shaped
By Water

Our connections to water
Are so deeply entwined
That it is fair game
To ask

Is water a part of us all...

Or are we all just a part of it?