She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Thirty billion gallons
I read once
The amount of precipitation that falls on the state of New York
Averages more than thirty billion gallons (114 billion L) of water...

Every day.

I always knew that the cycles of Earth and of Life were vast…
But I had not confronted the sheer scale of it
Not like that

I started to see the rivers, lakes, streams, even the weather
In a new way

I began to see
A very big picture of



Water is
Big Magic…
One of the first compounds to be made
Was Water
The cloud from which our Sun was born
Was rich with it


Older than the earth...

The water came with us
And played a roll
In the formation of the planets

And the Earth found itself
Not too close
Not too far
Endlessly in an orbit
That allowed water to exist

As a liquid

0 – 100 deg C
32 – 212 deg F

A narrow band of temperatures


The electrical properties
Of Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms
Give the water molecule an odd shape

Very much like a Mickey Mouse balloon

This shape makes water


To begin with
When water freezes
It becomes less dense
Rather than more so

Ice floats

And so the world is not covered
With an ocean of ice


This shape also gives water molecules
An electrical property
Positive at one end
Negative at the other

This makes the molecules
Attractive to each other
And makes water flow

In such a delightful way

Water covered the young Earth
Gathered the ingredients for life
Using its polarity to help shape
The newly forming organic compounds

Water was there
Every step of the way
With unimaginable patience
Cradling life
As the ages passed

Though all else
Even the Air
Would be foreign to us now
Already there was
At the beginning
The sounds
Of falling rain
And crashing surf
To comfort life
As it played
With the idea

Of evolution

So it is today
Though we no longer dwell
In the ocean
We have taken it with us

Our bodies
More water
Than anything else
The chemistry
Has not changed

The Echo of our origins
Is carried on
Within us

Water is not static

It moves
Changes form
A catalyst for so many things


Busy, busy Water

What was once seabed
Then was mountains
Is now cliff face
Transformed by Fire
And Water

Water passes
Always there
Never the same

The river does not ask
She just flows
And the water you see today
Is not the same
As the water
You pondered yesterday

The music of Water
Even it's very presence
Can profoundly affect
The way we feel

Like children
We rejoice
In sheer delight
Just at the sight of it

Water affects the way
We see the world around us
Allows us to reflect
And see things differently

Now; Honour had asked me
About our connection with water
In comparison to that of the Air
And I’ve been a long time in coming to it…

Air has been shaped by life

Life has been shaped
By Water

Our connections to water
Are so deeply entwined
That it is fair game
To ask

Is water a part of us all...

Or are we all just a part of it?


Lynn said...

Hey, one smart guy, this bobb fellow...takes some good photos too...they bring his prose alive...a living thing...
water and air...
one smart talented guy, this bobb

Miladysa said...

Fantastic post!

And... I once read that each and every droplet is as ancient as the first. Strange to think that there has never been any 'new' water.

Kuan Gung said...

Wow great post! Water...wonderful, mystical and necessary...I live where 25 percent of the known fresh water of planet earth is and sad to say....there's troubled waters...

Lydia said...

Thank you for one of the most meaningful posts ever. I have so loved this series of yours. I've returned to your blog to read the others many times and so shall do the same for Water.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Thank you for such beautiful compliments
You give me confidence


Thanks for the kudos
No new water…
For the most part this is true
We do receive some water from the universe
In the form of meteors that vaporize in our atmosphere
This would be ancient water
Older than the Earth

And I do believe that some water is unmade and then remade
By processes of life (photosynthesis & metabolism)
But those atoms involved do not change
And so the water is the same

Kuan Gung
I’m glad you like

I live not that far from you
And I am acutely aware of the perils that face the Great Lakes
This water forms the Northwestern border of New York State
As it flows to the sea

From Zebra muscles, oil spills, and waste
To the people of Nevada
Who seem to think that these lakes are meant to water their golf courses in the desert
By way of a 1500-mile long pipe dream of a pipeline they wish to build…

So glad you find meaning in these words
There is more to be said for Water
But I needed to get my thoughts written down
I am so pressed for time lately
There will be more elemental posts soon

I’ll be around to see you all real soon

Honour said...

oh dear bobbb
there are so many gems of thoughts in here ....

what i like about your writing is that it helps two sides of my personality find a place to become one. my training was in zoo ... VERY science based, and as my career and life progressed - i am immersed in the humanities. and somehow, in this poem especially, you remind me there is art in science and science in art - and the two need not be separate.

i like that.

my favorite piece in this is : Life has been shaped
By Water

it is indeed important to recognize the greater forces at work in our life. through our life.

nothing wrong with that.
thanks for reminding us of their sacred presence :)


human being said...


a great post... and i loved the way it evolved... this second version is so comprehensive... and more beautiful... and shows how you live with your poems and rear them like a child... they grow...

loved the way we confronted the physical being of water and then came to know its spirit...

thanks for sharing both your knowledge and your feelings...

'Water was there
Every step of the way
With unimaginable patience
Cradling life'

i have always felt a motherly thing in water... think these lines say the same thing, eh?

another fascinating fact about water is that the fetus in the womb lives in water... it has always amazed me...

human being said...

forgot to say the shots were awesome...

Hopper said...

Your writing is drenched in the natural...

Citizen of Earth said...

Thank you Roxanne
Yes, lots of thoughts and were so many more…

I also come from an intensive science background
But I have also always been immersed in music and art

For much of my life spirituality conflicted with science and I neglected it
But not anymore

At some point all these things have come together
Art, Science, Spirituality are now – all one - all the same
They all represent the processes of discovery, enlightenment and understanding the natural beauty of the universe
Humanity fits right in as soon as you accept that humanity is a part of the universe and not the reason for it.

From the beginning
Life has been shaped by water.

There will be a post about this here soon, as the elements come together.

Citizen of Earth said...

Human Being

The Ocean
Womb of life

It is there that life began
It is there where life begins
To this day

Long long time
Life clung to the Seas
Content in the womb
Of the first Mother

The Ocean is Mother
To a great many

When Amphibians
Conquered the land
Still they had to return
To Water
For the care of their young

The Reptiles
Brought forth
The Egg
And within the Egg
Was Water

With Mammals
The Womb

Even better than the Egg
For the Mother has
Within herself
Part of that very first Mother
The Ocean

And so
We all start our lives such
In the Water

In the Ocean

She still watches over us
Still guides us
Still sings us her lullabies
Still holds us
Still scolds us
Still shapes us
Shapes us every day

In that Motherly way

Citizen of Earth said...


See how the Images in this post help me tell my story

I’d been working on this post for quite some time
But I couldn’t condense my thoughts to anything like a practical post.

My first two attempts went over ten pages
I needed broader concepts

In frustration, I set it aside for a while as life has me preoccupied
Then I tried a new approach

I noticed that since I got the camera, I had amassed quite a few watery images
So I set on the task of selecting the ones I wanted to use in this post
The images played a role in the formation of these thoughts and writings.
Their stories had in influence on me –
And so it is mostly my perspective
But partly the images also
That wrote this piece

For somewhat of what they say to me
Must surely be universal

Thanks for the complement
Seems about right
As I see my self simply as a part of it all
Natural as can be

Citizen of Earth said...

I feel I should also have mentioned


Just seems like those words should have been in my response somewhere


The evolving part is really kinda funny
The first post didn’t look the way I intended – but for the life of me Blogger would NOT accept my formats – so I just made it look the best I could

I came back to it a week or so later and tried again – and it worked
But in all
You are right
I do tinker with some of my posts after they go up

DeLi said...

WOW! im so glad ive passed by fascinated and ill surely be back here!

Anonymous said...

But what sucks is that, I was just reading this article about how the world will probably soon be one massive third-world country due to the fact that freshwater sources are running out. The little bit left in places like Midwest America, South America, Central Asia, corporations are putting in pipelines and sucking out to sell to us in bottles for super high prices.

Even though we have that rain->sewer->lake->evaporation->cloud->rain circle, the water is becoming so polluted everytime this circle happens that even it will soon be rendered dangerous and toxic to rely on.

Shubhajit said...

nice post

Do u know in Hinduism there one eternal God known as Brahman and others are just manifestations..there are primarily three manifestations the creator, the preserver and the destroyer. and according to the religion our world will be destroyed by the destroyer with WATER. This is a cycle and for God the whole world is just a hypnotized stage but like a magician HE himself not under spell.

All the natural elements in this world Sun as water, sun and everything will take it course of action to destroy. we are just tools

Honour said...

those words were indeed there

just not in letters


in spirit :)

Citizen of Earth said...

Welcome Deli
Thanks for the kind words
I’m so glad you enjoy

Yes it is true what we are doing to the water is tragic
I for one will not buy bottled water
We must fight to preserve and strengthen the clean Air and Water acts

I used to worry about the Earth, Air and Water
But no longer
The terrible things we do to and with Water only affect ourselves
In the long run the Water will again become clean
After the Human race is done committing suicide

I had heard that about Water being the agent of destruction
It seems fitting that Water would give life to the Earth
And Water will take it away

human being said...

you know, Bobbb... one of the things i really like about you is the 'dialog'... what your friends say is not regarded just as an routine answer... it brings about a new event... a new discussion... to answer our comments and reflections, you create a new beautiful artwork...

i've read this masterly poem on ocean several times and each time i just praised the way you expressed that feeling i had about fetus being in the water...

it feels so good reading it... ocean... the mother... not leaving us all through these ages... like a mother caring for us... always...

namaste... Bobbb!
(can we still call you Bobbb?)

BTW, on another friend's blog, i've seen a reader with that name... 'citizen of the earth'... she's got a 'the' more than you... but there may be some mixing-up if her or your circle of friends expand...

human being said...

ooops... A routine answer

Citizen of Earth said...

Posting is one thing
But in the big picture
It’s all about the dialogue
Is it not?

That’s where wisdom is found
One of the best ways to learn
Is to teach
If you know how to listen…

YogaforCynics said...

Beautiful--both the poem and the photos that go so well with it. I particularly like the way you interweave the science. A long time ago in an intro to philosophy course, I read Lucretius "On the Nature of Things"--a major scientific treatise of the Roman world written in update that here in a way that owes as much to Whitman and haiku...wonderful!

Citizen of Earth said...

Thanks Yoga
Welcome to Zenspace

What a nice thing to say
What nice comparisons

Much appreciated!

Lynn said...

I came back here and read this (again) not realizing I had already read it, although I did remember the wonderous photos...
I liked reading it this time more, must have had more time to listen to the words, to recall the feeling of water, my enjoyment of the ocean waves crashing on the sandy beaches...learning about water and my physical relationship to it, mixed with the beauty of the p o e m. YES.

Citizen of Earth said...

Thanks Lynn
You can always return to Water
I’m glad you took the time to let the feeling of Water wash over you