She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Friday, September 05, 2008

Big Magic

I walk outside
Coworkers complain
Complain about the heat
Complain about the humidity
But I don’t

I sense
Something familiar
In the Air

Big Magic…
I can feel it
Smell it
Taste it

I can hear it
In the rising breeze
Unusual for this heat

The others do not notice
They say

"Hot out, for September"

I scarcely hear them

There is no mistaking it
Water and Air
Busy at work

They speak to me
Of the Ocean
Over one hundred fifty miles away

When you grow up by the shore
The Sea Air becomes a part of you
You do not forget it

Tropical storms
Send memories to me
I know it
As soon as I feel it

It will be raining here soon

The Hurricane winds hold
Waters gathered
From the coasts of Africa
And the mid Atlantic
Bourn on a throne of air
Aloft by the sheer will
Of the wind alone

To be distributed here
On the East coast of North America
Thousands of miles away
Expending the energy
Of a thousand atomic bombs
In the process

In this way
The Ocean gives
Her excess energy
To the Air

Part of a vast song
Of Water and Air
Helping to make this planet
A very nice place for life

When I go outside
To stand in my African rain

I will think for a moment
About my coworkers
Who will come in on Monday
And complain

Complain about how the rain
Ruined their weekend plans
As they gather around
The water cooler
To fill their bottles

And then I will sing
With the mighty Air and Water
Oh yes I will sing
And share a moment of their majesty

And their Magic


Lynn said...

I too often "smell the rain" before it comes. Some people are never happy it seems...too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry...nice when you can enjoy a bit of all of it.
Lovely long poem! You painted a great story with your words!

Miladysa said...

I LOVE rain - it's a good job too because we get a lot of it here :-D

Lydia said...

"When I go outside
To stand in my African rain"

That's so beautiful; the entire poem is perfect and joy-filled.

I could smell the rain in Nevada when I was a kid. Actually, it was a deep aroma coming from the parts that had already had rain. Rain-soaked sagebrush has a distinctive smell. I miss it.

Miladysa said...

Thank you so much for posting the photographs! They are wonderful and such an insight into the area you live in :-D

Honour said...

dear bobb:

will be in touch soon, but just wanted you to know I switched my domain name ... if you click on my name in the comments it should bring you to my new site.

Thanks :)

Lynn said...

Beautiful montage of photos Bobb. I like how that video works...has a peaceful quality to it...
well done, well done!!!!

Honour said...

oh bobb, i hope you had a good time standing in *your* "African rain". I love it.

I thought of you this weekend, wandering about a little farm outside of our city. i was taking a walk, and decided that I am not water after all. That I am wind. And that I would have to be sure and tell you .... and hopefully I will get around to writing a poem about it too.

Miladysa said...

Where are you?

Citizen of Earth said...

Greetings and thank you one and all

I’ve been away I know – but the weather is SO nice I must get outside more.
Also and I am learning the art of digital photography and for me that takes time, learning to do with software what I used to do with subtle changes of time, temperature, exposure, and chemicals.

I’m up too late as it is
But I will be around soon

YogaforCynics said...

They should be grateful
For the rain for giving them
something to complain about

not really a haiku....

Love the rain smell....

Lydia said...

Congratulations on a fine review over at DoYouDiggIt (September 24th) :)

human being said...

oh yes that song...
and being deaf to the complaints.... that's what crows do, too...

a great poem... refreshing... like rain...