She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Miniature Forest

Down at the river
Along the old railroad line
Which is now a bicycle path
Way up behind Niska Isle

These are backwaters
Of the mighty Mohawk
Where beaver and muskrat
Hold up for the winter

This place


The name a native term
From the Connestigiune tribe
Big river flats blessed with corn

This is farmland still

Here and there
Works of the old railroad
May be seen

Slag from the ash
Of burning coal
Can be found alongside the path

Man has touched this place
But nature adapts
Bends the works of man
To her own will
Over time

As with the rusty iron bridge
That connects the farms on Niska Isle
To the mainland

It replaced a much older bridge
Made of wood

Here and there
Posts, pilings and footings
May still be found

And so it was
As I unsuccessfully
Attempted to photograph an Egret
Beside me I noticed
A fading wooden post

A closer look revealed

The miniature forest


human being said...

'But nature adapts
Bends the works of man
To her own will
Over time'

a stunning post...
i love to repeat these lines as i need to believe all these changes i'm facing won't ruin me.... but, like that fading post, a new life is beginning to show up...

not just because i relate much to this post but because of the truth and wisdom hidden in the words and pics.... i really enjoyed it....

human being said...

the third photo is so moving... the way darkness and light are juxtaposed...

the darkness below is a hollow space and the darkness on the left is just a shadow... but on the first glance, we see them as being the same... this tells a lot... a lot...

Miladysa said...

Ditto human being - a stunning posts!

How I loved the little forest photographs and the wooden post.

'My' dell is a place very much in the same style of things and I understand your empathy with this special place.

meetu said...

when will man learn !!! my recent post and yours this one may hv talked abt diff subjects but the culprit remains the same .

Lydia said...

What an exciting post. So beautiful and full of discovery. I absolutely love the way you got closer, and closer, and closer to the miniature forest. I was enchanted to the point of having goosebumps.

Hopper said...

Beautiful Bobb... this is Beautiful... I feel rejuvinated by this... just what I needed... a walk in a minature forest... Thank you for your post... I have missed you and all my friends here in our world...


Citizen of Earth said...

To those who miss the river update, the slideshow has been enhanced and moved to its own page

You will find the link in the margin.

New photo’s will be added as chance allows.

As older photo’s age and are removed, they will be placed in the “Day’s Gone By” slideshow

Citizen of Earth said...

Yes Human
Nature takes all to her own eventually, and the will of man is fleeting at best.
So bear with the changes if you can
No matter what man has in mind
Your place in the universe is guaranteed

All any of us can do is hold on
Hold on
To our beliefs
To ourselves
To each other

Nice call on photo# 3
I was drawn to this image, took a few shots and worked with them quite a bit.
I’m not sure what it was about it that called to me
The date, almost 100 years ago seemed significant, and helped formulate the crux of this post
The shadow and the void
Alluding to one another with dark whispers…

Water passes through this place, after it has escaped the Beavers control, and enters the river

Citizen of Earth said...

Thank you Milady
Your dell sounds quite nice, and yes I do love such places.

The wooden post and the miniature forest serve as a reminder
That most of what is taking place in the world
Is hidden from us

Unless we take the time to look close
Listen well
Breathe deep
Handle with utmost

Citizen of Earth said...

Man learns
But at his own pace
Understanding is collective
And is not always embraced by the masses
We must all work together and make sure our voices are heard

Citizen of Earth said...

I’m pleased you enjoyed this small wonder
It was exciting, taking these shots
And I had hoped to convey some of the wonder
Of that moment
When an old post
Suddenly becomes something more
Becomes everything
And it is I
Who feels so very


Citizen of Earth said...


Good to see you
You are missed
But your presence lingers
Worlds overlap
Just a little

Glad you enjoyed this post
These pictures were very special to me

adi said...

brought a smile to my face

the big and the small
the cry and the call
all are within me
i am the human
and nature i am

Honour said...

Bobb - what an incredible journey you have taken us. From the long halls of time to the microcosmic environment ... I really appreciated that sojourn away from my desk and to your world that day!

YogaforCynics said...

What beautiful photos, and how well woven with your poem...the way nature weaves with the works of men and women.....

Id it is said...

Awe inspiring photography, indeed!
Thanks you Human Being... for bringing me here!

Quiche said...

Lovely! The microcosmic world looks like a land for fairies (: Lovely post! How powerful nature is! This reminds me of a program that was on the Science Channel awhile ago, on what would theoretically happen if humans were annihilated from the planet, and what nature would do, and how the landscape would change. Within a relatively short length of time, very little visible evidence of us would show, and yet we humans, wrongly, try so hard to conquer and control nature. The process of something eroding, decaying and dying, and the life that springs from death is a fascinating cycle- awe-inspiring and sobering at the same time. It also reminds me of the string theory, how everything has literally a life of its own, even the seemingly lifeless. I should visit your blog more often (: Infinite blessings!

Citizen of Earth said...

I know…
It’s been a while

So I’m here trying to catch up


It is good to see you again
Smiles are good

Thank you for the wonderful words
You share

The man
The human
Nature is us
And we
Are she


I’m glad you enjoyed the trip

I had not realized at first
How connected I am
In time
As well as in space

The past is as much a part of us
As flesh & blood
Each moment is a product
Of all the moments
That preceded it

I am the past
Each moment is me
Each moment is you also

You are welcome in my world




I’m glad you like

I hope you enjoyed the photo’s as much as I enjoyed taking them
The weaving was easy
As a walk along the Mohawk leaves you lost in your thoughts
And as inspired as you will ever be


Id it is


Feel free to visit, wander and explore
And comment…

This blog is as much a product of the thoughts of others
As it is a product of my own



There is no overcoming nature
We only imagine we can
For we do not think in her timescale
And like our very selves
Everything we make, and do
Is temporary

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