She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Monday, December 15, 2008

Crystal Moonrise

Warm above
Cold below



Branches groan
Complain about the weight
Shard sharp
Growing glistening
Tempting fate

Nature’s pruning
Cold shears call
Do the work
Limbs laden fall

Ice day
Sunbeams stray
Off frozen treetops
And grass shards play

Until day's end
Darkness descends
To hush the Moonrise
Crystals bend
The shimmering beams
To me they send

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Eldest

If there is time for another pilgrimage

On my journey Westward
I would like to go to California
To meet with and visit some very special very old personalities.


Not in Hollywood
The souls I would like to encounter
Are those of trees…

Bristlecone Pine Trees
To be specific

Sometimes called Joshua trees
Or Methuselah trees

They can be found in
Joshua Tree State Park
The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest
And Inyo National Forest

Among other places

Photo courtasy of the US Forest Service

The Tree in this picture
Was already over 3,000 years old
On the day Jesus was born

The oldest Bristlecone Pine (estimated to be between 12,000 and 14,000 years old)
Is the oldest living inhabitant of this planet

Pictures of this tree are not available
As scientists are unwilling to reveal which is the oldest
Fearing that souvenir hunters will kill it

Scientists are interested in these trees because they do not grow old
In fact they still produce pinecones and seeds with a viability equal too that of a young tree.

There is the distinct possibility that if their habitat remains and they are not killed by man, that these trees will live virtually

They have survived jungle like conditions, floods, and years of drought, desert conditions, grazing animals…
They lived through an ice age; they witnessed the coming and the going of the Native Americans

They have survived fallout from the testing of Atomic bombs in Nevada
Showing no signs of ill effect from the high doses of radiation

So while millions of others
Make their pilgrimage to Anaheim
And it's bright promise for adventure on "Mr Toads Wild Ride"
Or the sights and sounds of "Main Street USA"…

My trip will instead be
A pilgrimage to this place
So that I may touch with my own hands
The very somber and noble presence
Of the Earth’s oldest living inhabitants.