She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Shadow of Winter

Long drawn pale
Winter's shadow fades
The frozen chain
Gives way
Letting loose
The green growth of spring

Long days
Short nights
Darkness gives way
To the season of light

Yet my heart can tell
Hiding below the horizen
The long shadows wait


human being said...

to come out of
their hiding place...

to say, peekaboo!

Lydia said...

Long drawn pale....
That seems to describe how I felt after this last winter.

I especially love this photography.

Erin Davis said...

Beautiful poem and imagery. I know the long shadows await, but am trying to banish them from my consciousness for just a little while...

Citizen of Earth said...

Peekaboo to you too!
Good to see you

Feeling a littl drawn myself
But it is a spring of new things and new beginnings


Erin D
Thank you
You'll find me hiding out from the shadows all summer myself

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