She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Three Minutes Forty Four Seconds at Zenspace

A warm

Can be just the
I have been longing for


Erin Davis said...

Thank you for this.

Ribbon said...

Your blog is beautuiful...

best wishes

Citizen of Earth said...


You are Most Welcome
Thank you for taking the time to watch & comment


Welcome to my blog

Thank you
What a nice thing to say
I hope you enjoy your time here at Zenspace

Peace be with you all

Citizen of Earth said...

As you can see
I am deeply immersed in learning new things
This is my first attempt at shooting & editing digital video
Regardless of the turmoil of trying to find some free or at least affordable video editing software, I am enjoying myself immensely.

The learning curve is a steep one, what with everything being new & different
But this is what life is about for me
Since I cannot, it seems, avoid the onslaught of digital technology; I am embracing it as best I can as I apply it to the things I love.

This has meant abandoning my 35mm cameras and darkroom, as well as my old Camcorder, which saddens me in a way.
But this old equipment is no longer practical for me and has gotten no use for years now.

Digital photography has gotten me back behind the viewfinder

And that's OK by me

Erin Davis said...

The new technology suits you.

human being said...

the first day you put this up i could see a small portion of it and found it really soothing and beautiful...

i've got many problems viewing pictures and videos, though i should try again...

this is so beautiful to learn new things...

Lydia said...

So peaceful and beautiful, Bobbb. This video is a gift to us. I'm thrilled you are into digital because you have the vision needed to purify and soften the medium. I hope that makes sense to you.
Your fades were wonderfully done here and the sound quality is tops too.

The videos I have taken with our first digital have been fun for me because I never had a camcorder! There's so much to learn and I agree that's a good thing.

Roxanne said...

Sometimes, or always dear Bobbb?

I have missed your words, but am always glad to see you pop up now and again either on my blog or on yours.

Our world doesn't know what to do with its technology, I think. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Thicht Nhat Hahn has a Facebook account. OK - I resigned myself. Technology is neither good nor evil. It's just how we use it.

Thanks for using technology to share something good.

Jon said...

like walking down a stone path in a blossoming garden...

thanks bobb...

hope all is well in your realm...

Citizen of Earth said...

Thanks Erin :)

My dear human being
Or otherwise
May prevent you from viewing my video

But I care not overly much

For I give no credence to such boundaries
They are hollow
Meaningless to the citizen of Earth

And they have no jurisdiction here

Words will suffice
When images and sounds are denied

And should the day arise
That my words cannot reach you
Then I will say to you now
That my thoughts will always be with you
You will always be in my heart


Yes - that does make sense to me
I have always had a knack for making media my own
If I can make it serve my purpose, that is...
The little video camera was a gift
And I am pleased you see my video as such

Three minutes of calm
In a busy world

Good to see you again...

" Technology is neither good nor evil. It's just how we use it."

I find this to be true
Indeed I find
It has always been true
Since tool making began

The world will find a way
It always has


Good to see you too
I like your analogy
My life's journey often feels that way

My realm is in flux
Not necessarily a bad thing

but still
Its sometimes hard to deal with changes

human being said...

Bobbb, dear friend...
i'm really blessed to have such friends like you... me too do not believe in these lines which are drawn between us... and really feel how even our thoughts can give energy to other fellow human beings to go on...

the beauty of sharing is overpowering... and i should thank you for the way you share your wisdom, and emotions with us...
and in such a beautiful way and with a soothing tone... sometimes i find myself on a different ground but your tone really helps the listener to try to see the world from your perspective...
this is a sacred ability!

the poems you wrote on different posts on my blog were really beautiful as they were so truthful... thanks for them... i hold them dear...

that portion i saw of this video and the bits of descriptions other friends left here gives me this notion that this video is in line with one the segments of Rumi's poem i'm working on... so i will try again and again... to watch it and would link to it, if you don't mind...


i really feel the positive vibes friends send to me...
thanks a lot for them...

adee said...

somehow i equated it all with a bunch of children creating a ruckus
thats why laughed n laughed
thanks for sharing
god bless

Anonymous said...
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