She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Witness

Silently she waits
Eyes never close
Never a shoulder
To turn cold

Forgotten it seems
To those around her...

The spider weaves
The blossom contemplates
The Crow gathers
As the seasons chase each other
Around and around
Her little garden

There is more to this place
Than meets the eye
And she knows it well
Seeing all
Judging not at all

As hope and death
Play out their dance
In an equation that always
Meets perfect balance
In the end

Slowly she counts
The days
The years
The seasons
Of the world

And of the men
And women
Who pass through her tiny space

She stands as witness
That they should have dignity
In their final days
And take solace in her simple blessing
That we may all find peace
And that we are all equal

In the end


human being said...

we are forgotten
when we forget...

she will be always remembered
since she never forgets

by her stillness
she becomes absent
so that others be more present

she is in love...

Lydia said...

This is sheer beauty. You put me right there to admire and thank her. Once again, I am in awe of your special gift.....well worth waiting for (but I've missed you).

Shubhajit said...

Those who loves all, play in this way (like your verse)..

witness everything and want to help others and if they can't they fold their hands and bless others and wings in...

This is really a beautiful depiction...

Citizen of Earth said...

Thanks for the lovely words

by her stillness
she becomes absent...

This is so true...

I've missed you too
But I should be coming around more often
Your words are much appreciated


It's good to see you here again my friend
Thanks for your encouraging comments as always
I hope life finds you well this day

Anonymous said...
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