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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Paul A Butkereit April 1922 - June 2009

Everything I ever could ever define as good
Was there in this man

A scant five minutes in his presence
Was all it took to convince anyone of this

He had an honest and open relationship
With the world
With everyone
With everything

I never knew him to tell a lie
Not once

His simple philosophy
Could be summed up
With one phrase

Do the right thing

What the right thing was
Needed no mention
It was understood
That you knew
It was your responsibility
To know

I really believe that he felt that way
About so many of the world's

People, most often know
What is the right thing to do
Deep down inside

They just won't always admit it
To themselves

Let alone
To others

If ever there was
An example needed
To define the opposite
Of pretense

That would have to be
My dad

Unassuming, charismatic, outgoing
He was the guy who
Picked up hitch hikers
Stopped to fix flat tires
Did business on a handshake
Volunteered his time
Trusted his neighbors

One of my earliest memories
Is of my dad
Rushing in to pull someone
From their shattered vehicle
Lying upside-down and on fire
In the middle of East Seaman Avenue

A crowd of people
Looked on
Frozen with fear
Dad walked right up
And pulled the man from his car

The crowd failed to act
Because they were afraid the car would explode
My dad went in
For the very same reason

Mom had a fit of course
But I don't think Dad could have done any different

And so it went
He was always that way
Which caused Mom much grief sometimes
But as kids growing up
It gave us a very broad perspective

The sort of perspective needed
To realize that the world is more
More than a man
More than a people
More than a nation

That we can be the heroes
We can be the leaders
We can be the champions
If we simply

Do the right thing

Now he is gone
And I am realizing
Perhaps for the first time
That he is as much a part of my message
As I am

As we all are
Thanks Dad


Lydia said...

I am crying, dear friend, not only in sympathy for the heartbreak that is there in your beautiful tribute, but also with sadness that men like your dad are rare in this world. He was very fine indeed. And so is his son.

Ribbon said...

How wonderful to have so much respect for your father.

Very beautiful what you've shared here.

Take care and thank you for your visits to my blog.

a hug for you
best wishes

cathwrynn said...

Those who act so certainly for Good are never truely lost to the world. The ripples of their actions move on infinitely.

Small comfort when their painful absence speaks so loudly where their dear voice used to.

But when the grief subsides enough for you to hear more than your loss, the echoes of their actions and their choices will come softly to you again.

And in time the beloved voice of love will speak through a different mouth; and your heart remember it all the same.

Shubhajit said...
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Shubhajit said...

A stupendous inspiration from thousands of miles away...

We are all heroes of our own life stories if we want to be.

Do the right thing always. No fear, no pain, only path of righteousness. Erase Judas Iscariot from our minds and enliven Jesus. That's the Gita of Hindus and that's the summary of everything.

Hope you are well.

Quiche said...

I am so sorry to hear of your father's passing. Reading your lovely tribute, it reminded me of my own father, who passed away in 1999. Our fathers were very much alike. I do believe that no one ever really goes away, and I feel my father is an ever present influence, just as I believe your father is too. How fortunate we were to have had such beautiful souls for fathers! Infinite blessings to you and your family.

Citizen of Earth said...

Thank you all so much for your wonderful thoughts and words
This has been a very difficult time for me and the shadow of my grief passes only too slowly for this modern world's demands

Thank you for always being there - your comments are much appreciated
Yes the loss is all of ours

Thanks for the hug, it was much needed
I'll be around soon

You are correct his ripples are still reverberating through the lives he touched

The path of righteousness... the summary of everything
Thank you for these words - A tremendous comfort, from thousands of miles away
I am well as may be expected, as my grief turns to introspection, and his path becomes mine
Blessed are you with such understanding


Yes it is true - his influence is very much a part of me, and always will be, as it always has been.
Thank you for you comments, may your blessings be returned ten thousand fold

cinner said...

Hi, I found your sit on Ribbons list of Blogs. I read the post and cried. Two months ago my Dad passed away and I was devistated.Your touching words of your Dad made me think of mine. I am glad i found your blog. Thankyou. Take care.

Lynn said...


How fortunate you are to have had a dad like yours, like Paul.

How lucky the world to have had Paul in it for that many years.

I cannot imagine the depth of your grief.


human being said...

i'm sure he left this world with a happy heart because he left behind a son like you...

peace be upon him

Anonymous said...
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