She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Power

For Roxanne
Patiently Practicing her Art
And always asking
The right questions

What drives people towards peace...
I'm not sure I can say

I am sure the power of love plays a part
So does the power of fear
Perhaps there is a place for the simple understanding that it would be catastrophic to allow...

War or not
We budget for it
Over two trillion US dollars annually, worldwide
It's a fine line
Between fear
And paranoia

Perhaps we no longer need a global conflict
As long as we can have conflict

My dad served in World War Two
He tells me he has seen far more death
Since the war ended
Then he ever saw
In Europe

"They just changed the presentation, that's all"

He is referring to the media

We share a dark secret
Dad and I
He knows I can see it also

On top of this
We now declare war
On the abstract

War on poverty
War on drugs
War on terror

Fighting shadows, illusions

Attacking the symptoms
Not really wanting to find a cure
It's all about the fight

Yet I do not despair
For I see
Another side also
A bigger picture

A worldwide understanding
Of our environment
Our world


It is a fine line sometimes
Between hope
And faith

Thanks to all of you
I can honestly say
I have both


Lydia said...

Sometimes when I do despair and I find myself here, without even knowing why I chose to be here over all the other blogs in my reader, it is then, when the healing begins again, that I understand.

Beautiful tribute to Roxanne, who is so deserving.

Shubhajit said...

It's a great poem! Great thought! Great initiation!

Love is power. And fear?

Fear is sin, fear is death, fear is hell, fear is root cause of every problem. And fear comes from selfishness. And love is not selfishness so how can love be a fear?

I only like war in silver screen.

Shubhajit said...

on a pessimistic note I would say, war is no way do any grain of good to humanity but alas, it is inevitable.

Ribbon said...

nothing is ever just one thing....

best wishes always
Ribbon x

Roxy said...

I have been absent dear Bobbb and making my way through your posts now ... but thank you for this reflection. I am still reflecting .. I started (and finished) a novella about war ... but now, I want to write one on part two: forgivenesss.