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Saturday, August 08, 2009


Earthshare Public Service Announcement

I cannot add or detract from this powerful message
So I will let it speak for itself

What would you do
If you had to choose
Between the Buffalo
And the Giraffes?

Between a flower
Or an Elephant?

What would you choose?

What if you had to decide
Between a hundred year old tree
And a million year old beach?

Between drinking clean Water
Or breathing clean Air?

Would you make the right choice?

Would there BE a right choice?

I myself do not ask for donations
But I offer this message
I encourage you to spread the word.


cinner said...

Very Powerful message, I will pass it on. Take care.

Mariana Soffer said...

Excelent post, and question you make us reflect about, of course we want it all, that is part of our nature, why woudn t we want every nice and good thing that exists?
The problem is what we do with this, with this wanting, and also what we do with our damned greed about wanting it all for us, and nothing for the others.

Thanks for making me thing

Lydia said...

Haunting. I will share and I will donate, more. Nothing is more important than not having to make such choices.....

Ribbon said...

I like what you have shared here

thank you :)

Ribbon said...

I like all that you share on this blog of yours

thank you :) and I've had a lovely catch up on posts I've recently missed.

all the best wishes

Jon said...


you're always carrying this message...

earth first

thanks for the reminder...


adee said...

wat do i choose between life and life

thanks for d words bob
love them

will spread the word

Citizen of Earth said...

Thank you all once again for your words

As Adee has said

How do we chose between life
And life?

The time has come for difficult choices

I am already confronted with corporate bullshit
Which is pure evil incarnate
But has been labeled as "GREEN"

We cannot run our cars on corn
While people starve
It is immoral

We cannot sacrifice hundreds of thousands of acres of trees
To build wind turbines, which will produce electricity
Of which we will then waste 38% in transmission
It is immoral

We have choices to make
Difficult choices
We will not learn which choices are best
By watching dancing with the stars
Or sports on TV

Let us make the right choices
BEFORE we must chose
Between life
And life

Thank you all once again