She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Dingo July 1992 - August 2009

My best friend
Everyone's friend

Sixteen years, and I never saw Dingo angry
Not Once
Never did he bare his teeth or threaten anyone

He loved people, especially children
Loved other dogs, cats too
When the kittens were born, Dingo guarded them

I think I must be the only one in town who had children coming to his back door to ask: "Can Dingo come out to play?"

Neighbors who don't even know who I am
All knew Dingo
All loved him too

He won over every skeptic
People who hated dogs
Still loved Dingo

He never left my side, ever
We went everywhere together
Most often, if dogs were not welcome, I didn't go

Love me, Love my dog

Dingo always understood
What was expected from him
Never failed
To live up to those expectations

And for this he was well rewarded
I spoiled him

Dingo never wore a collar
Never had to be tied up
He knew to stay in the yard
And to stay out of the garden

And now he is gone
My last true soul mate
And so I have modified a traditional folk tune in his honor

When Dingo died
He died so hard
It shook the ground
Out in my back yard

Down from heaven
The angels came
And bore him up
On a golden chain

Good bye Dingo
My friend so true
Good bye Dingo
You good dog you


cinner said...

Dingo sounds like he was a lovely dog.. I am an animal lover, have no children, so I know how terrible this loss is for you. So sorry! take care.

Lydia said...

My heart is breaking for you. This brought tears to my eyes and I feel just helpless not being able to change these circumstances for you. If Dingo could have, he surely would have stayed by your side until your grief over your dad became softened by the passing of some seasons. He was so, so special that perhaps he's been granted the job of playing in that space that is between you and your dad now.

When I lost my soul mate cat, Bleecker, two years ago (he was 16 too) I thought I'd die. My husband bought me a Webkinz of an orange&white cat that looked like Bleecker. I felt crazy but I did indeed sign up at the Webkinz website and for a year I passionately "played" with my virtual Bleecker.....built Bleecker's house at Webkinz world, "worked" various jobs to get Webkinz cash to "feed" him, bought him furniture, new rooms, toys, clothes. Tucked him into his bed at night. I haven't been at the website for a year now, but the soft toy is right on my dresser. I swear that my immersion into that fantasy world was great therapy for me.
The closest Webkinz dog to Dingo is the German Shepherd. I just looked and it is one of the "retired" Webkinz, which means it will be in real demand. I found it here at Amazon and it says there are only three left. You need to get a new or unused one with the CODE in order to go to the website and see your virtual pet.

Dingo's love will never leave you. Take deep breaths and breathe in that love.........

Citizen of Earth said...

Cinner / Lydia

Thanks for the lovely comments
I can only add this:

God's dog will have to make room, for surely there is a place for Dingo
At his feet

human being said...

this made me cry... the way you described Dingo and your relationship was so touching... because it was full of love, understanding and trust...

sorry for the loss, Bobbb...

what a pity i cannot see the pic...
also i was reminded of a story i read in my teens... about the friendship between a dog called dingo and some kids during a summer holiday and the deep pain they experienced when they had to part...

are you going to have another dog?

Ribbon said...

I am very very sorry to read about the loss of your much loved dog.
I completely understand from my heart the love for your dog that you describe.
I have a soulmate hound too.

best wishes
Ribbon x