She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am Blogging
With obligation
Bringing a message of salvation
To any person
Any nation
The clock is ticking
Wolf at the door
What can I say?
We must do more
We should not even try...
Just walk away
Watch the world die
It used to make me angry
Now I can only cry

Against the tyranny
And hatred
My words still stand
Looking for one lost soul
Lend them my hand
Both hands
Mind body spirit
My words still stand
A castle of sand
Do not fear it
Stand with me
Feel it
See it
Steer it
Hold it
Heal it
Heal it

Heal it

People say how nice
That I should care
Shift their eyes
In an uneasy chair
When my words
I should dare to share

Even worse
They talk about their children
Grand children
With eyes wide
Filled with pride
They glare
Yet they feel deep inside
Only despair
They say
Why should I care?
The world won't last
But things wont fall apart
Until long after I've passed

Nothing to contribute
Nothing to give
Just where do they expect
Those grand kids will live?

Is it too late?
Can we still make a difference?
If there is even the slightest chance
Shouldn't we try?
Shall we simply let the moment
Pass us by?

Not I

And so I will keep on
My words shall stand
Take heed this massage
I leave written in the sand

To all those in the world
That should help but cannot
Because you are
paralyzed by despair
I leave this simple reminder



cinner said...

You left a post on my blog today and I did not remember Citizen of Earth until I came here and I feel at peace. My apologies!

Mariana Soffer said...

Beautifull poem, and moving for me, cause I was thinking today about the people who do nothing, who all they care is about the latest trends in fashion, I think they are actually in debt with this world, I think no matter how little every single person should do something to make this a better place to live in, otherwise that person is not okey, it is wrong.

Jon said...

lovely verse... and call to action...

Lydia said...

O, how you inspire me to do more, be better, keep on keepin' on.
I renewed my membership to Sierra Club when a rep called a few days ago. I told her that I have the envelope right on my desk, but had deferred my responsibility. She inspired me, too, with her professionalism and her passion. I told her so, and wished her luck in all her calls to follow. We need to keep lifting one another up in times of despair.
Thank you for this beautiful post.