She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It’s not so much a time
As it is a place
A particular point
In the Earth’s orbit

It’s a place I have been in 52 times
Yet each time
The place was unique
For the Sun drags her planets through the galaxy
Like an intent mother dragging her children
Through a crowded market
And the Galaxy itself
Is on the move

So yes
This first day of autumn seems so very very familiar
Like I have been here 51 times before
But it isn’t the same
Is it?

Like every day
This day is unique

In this respect
Everyday is equal
Everybody is equal

The universe is waiting
Let us make the most of it


cinner said...

I love this post today. yes let's make the most of it. Take care.

Miladysa said...


I wish you many more!

Mariana Soffer said...

Yeah, you are back! I am so happy about it, and with a great and insightfull poem.

Welcome back!
By the way I agree that nothing it is exactely the same at 2 different times.

Lydia said...

This is wonderful. Don't take this the wrong way, but you give us cause for hope in this post. Very inspiring. I wish you would write a book.

Citizen of Earth said...

Thanks for dropping by
I am trying hard to make the most of each day
Every day :)

Thank you!
I have missed your comments, it is good to see you back
I wish you many more as well

Thanks for the compliments
Yes - everything changes - day to day, year to year
We try so very hard to not notice...
But the leaves, once they fall from the tree are gone forever
And the leaves that come forth in the spring may look the same
but they will in fact, be brand new

Thanks so much
No I do not take it the wrong way, not at all
If you feel inspired and take hope from my words
Than I am doing my job correctly
For HOPE is now the backbone of my main theme

It may please you to know, that I am working on a book
Several books in fact...
Including books for children with special needs

My main focus right now is a published version of the "Zenspace" ideal.
Kind of a "handbook for linking science to spirituality"

I am also currently writing a reflective book on recent world history, as seen through my own eyes as I grew up in front of the television here in the world's richest nation.
Tentative title - "Now it can be told" the American Dream Revealed"...

I thank you for your encouragement