She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sun stop
Let me keep some light
To bask in
To task in
Before this longest night
When even the fullest moon
So bright
Must be born anew
Before I may
Take flight

Sunday, December 12, 2010


One carload at a time
While the lawyers debate
My country home waits
Guarded by watchful neighbors, friends
The attentive stars see all ends
Orion looks down and smiles; my future known
As his nightly watch, he tends
Waiting for my feet to roam
To finally make this place my home

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Scent of Apples

Ruby runs gold to brown
Red runs to russet
The leaves fade, fall
Dance upon the ground
A familiar scent
The aroma of apples
Fresh clean crisp

It arrives with fleeting frosts
Bars of gray and brilliant white
Against cobalt blue skies

A feeling for apples
Their texture
The daring flash of color
Peeking from leafy branch
Inviting you to take it in your hand
Pick, hold, ponder

Ageless apples so perfect
Here in the old orchard's mill
Even the juice becomes
Simple cider
Pure, without additives

The press groans, grumbles
As the wheel turns and the stuff of memory
Trapped, ripening in my mind
Year after year since I can remember
Comes oozing out and fills the air
With the scent of apples

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Keep Looking Up

I got a call from my oldest daughter
"The boys and I saw Jupiter's moons! she excitedly told me
"Get your binoculars go outside, and look at Jupiter"
She didn't need to elaborate, she knew I would know where to look

And so I have been looking this past week

With my binoculars, and with my camera

Jupiter, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto

This one is for you Jack Horkheimer

Thank you SO much

Thanks also to Carl Sagan - without whom, I would have been literally lost in this universe

Saturday, September 11, 2010


The smoke has cleared
The debris, taken away
Yet I still recall
The events of that day
And the stricken sixteen acres
Remain empty
To this day

The words of healing
Became hubris
Capitalizing on tragedy spending
Arguments over what is sacred to whom
Memorializing not mending
Sentiment sleeping
As rhetoric deepens

We struggle to make sense
What was it all about?
While acts of cruelty and hatred
Daily play themselves out

Encompasses us all
Not just those who stand
Not just those who fall
Her wisdom whispers well to me
Upon my threshold landing
That cruelty ends, not through war
But rather love
And understanding

Friday, August 06, 2010

166,000 Moments

One moment
One life
One flash
One instant

One moment
The world
Stands pending
One hundred
Thousand lives

One flash
One burst
One burning
Neutrons flying
One city
One voice
Left crying

One moment
One hundred sixty six thousand lives...

Of reason

Humanity has a collective past
Let us ALL remember that

Sunday, July 25, 2010


This music is for now
Right now
Our chords
In harmony

This Music is for now
Please don't write it down
For sake of history

Let us instead reflect
On all of the tapestry

That has woven us into
This moment

We sing this song

Please do not spoil
The potential of this moment
With resumption of presumption


Sing with me
Sing now
Weave this moment
To the potential of all moments

This music is for now

Right now

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Going, Going...

In my mind I am already gone

Fanciful flight
Finding myself exactly where

I want to be going

Do the ends justify the means?
If you learn to let go
There are no "means"
Only a path...

Do what you gotta do?
Better to let go what you gotta let go

Flying free
I am swept away

The river knows
How far to carry me
There is nothing left
To keep me from finding my destiny

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


There may be times
In life
That we feel compelled
To either
Move forward

Or not

Life's breath
Is within me
Within everyone

It inspires us

We take flight
And then
We choose a direction

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ah, look at all the lonely people...

Year after year, Generation after Generation
I am being told that each is lonelier than the last
That this is the loneliest and most unhappy generation in history.
Television, the internet and technology have isolated people like never before.
Generation X (I don't care)
Generation Y (why should I care?)
Generation ME (whatever)
And so on...
We have created a virtual environment for our children that is unrealistic and fragmenting

Generation Meh...

A relatively new term to describe one's disinterest, disassociation from anything, everything.
A lazy term, like you don't care enough to express an entire thought
And when we are not being lazy
We are being mean, especially online
Cyberspace can be a very mean place.

I recently heard this phenomenon described as a result of the anonymity of today's technology.
Anonymity can result in, among other things, "hatred as public performance"
On the surface, the internet sometimes seems a harsh, mean spirited, even antisocial place.


This same anonymity allows for something more, for it extends to only what we perceive as an identity, that is to say our "political" identity, name address etc.

We now interface with others in chat rooms, bulletin boards, online games, social networks, and the like. As we do so, we use that anonymity to fabricate a new identity; and in that identity we reveal ourselves anew.

People will share with an online community things they don't share with their own friends or family...
It can get quite intimate.

Suddenly, the loneliest generation in history doesn't seem as lonely.
Suddenly, we have a fresh new perspective on humanity
All we need do is ask the community itself what it means to be human.

These responses came from all over the world.

In 2006 a Youtube celebrity posted this challenge
This remains one of the most responded to videos in Youtube history

These compilations show some of the responses to the above challenge
These are the messages people chose to share

Echoes from the hearts and minds of the loneliest generation in history

In memory of Andy

Thursday, April 08, 2010


All around

The awakening has begun

We sense the cycles

Around the calendar

Each season chases

As the Earth races

Around the sun

We don't always see

The continuum

The slumbering trees awaken

Put forth new leaves, sending

To greet the sun

Winter but a long slow night


So much does each spring resemble the last

That we mistake present for past

But the newborn know

As they begin to grow

Every season unique will show

The sum

Every year a part

Of the continuum

None of us knows

How long we will last

So hold on fast,

To the racing chasing seasons

As they fly for their own reasons

(Photo courtesy of P Burns)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The wave

It is easy to become disconnected
Living here in this small depressed city
The meaning of the word has been all but forgotten
Taken from the Mohawk people, twisted by Dutch settlers
The place on the far side of the pines

The meaning is appropriate to me now
As I look from my windows, down upon a neighborhood
That doesn't seem to care
About itself
About each other
About the world we live in

The city seems to be
On the far side of everything

Getting to and from work
Small talk
People embrace their small groups of friends
While ignoring each other, looking around with disdain and mistrust

In this way
The cop and the drug dealer
The thief and the victim
The wealthy and the poor
The working and the unemployed
The educated and the ignorant
Can all occupy the same street
Hiding behind locked doors

Without conflict
Indifferent to one another
Going on and on

They seem dead to me
Like lifeless robots
Unaware of everything
But their simple everyday programs

Awareness is the key

They do not hear the rain
Only complain about the wet

They measure snow by the weight of the shovel
Rather than by the beauty of the falling white flakes
Or the subtle white shrouds on the trees and over the ground

They measure almost everything, it seems
By the level of inconvenience it brings
To their mundane daily routines
No one smiles, no one sings

But something magic happens
When I turn from this place
And head to the farm
With it's much slower pace

Schenectady is surrounded with a beauty
Most fail to see
The mighty Mohawk, winding down to the even mightier Hudson
Big water, carrying the collected raindrops of a thousand storms
The two rivers sweep their way through farmland and forest

My spirit soars, like the hawks I see
Rising on invisible thermals
Above the checkerboard of trees and fields. so free
As I pass by, moving from the dank urban misery to rural pastures
I begin to breathe differently, my heart beats with a renewed intensity.

Leaving the highway behind
I find myself on familiar old roads
Surrounded by wilderness and farms
Rising up into the hills, until...

This is farm country now
Not factory style industrial farms
Real Farms, kept running with skill and hard work

Priorities revolve around the weather
And the needs of the livestock
Cows to be milked
Chickens to be fed
Fields to be tended

This is where Food comes from
There is an unspoken importance to it all
The Farmers are aware of everything

Awareness is the key

And then the road takes me up a long, long, hill
Murphy hill, the locals call it
Leaving the Cobleskill valley
It carries you into the Catskill highlands

Life is different here
As I approach the family farm
Winter is harsher
Summer is shorter yet sweeter
The air is fresher
The water, cleaner
The terrain, more rugged

Unpaved roads are the norm
They wind their way
From Farm to Farm
Climbing over long languishing hill tops
Or skirting around them for miles.

The hills can be unforgiving
And survival is more tenuous than down below
But the people know it
And the sense of community
Spread over an area measured in square miles
Is far more inclusive and inviting
Than my lonely block back in the city.

People here don't care about your politics
So much as they care about your well being
They stick together with an unspoken understanding
An attitude of independence and interdependence
All rolled into one.

I once arrived at the Farm in a blizzard
Only to find the road freshly plowed
And as I crested the hill, and the house came into sight
I saw nine strangers on the roof
They were going from home to home
Shoveling the massive snowfall from the rooftops
Lest someone's home should collapse from the sheer weight of the snow

No one had asked them to come
It was simply understood.
They had the means, and the time to do the job
They wanted no reward
Protecting neighbors homes is simply what they do

So I offered them hot coffee, and hot chocolate
Which they graciously declined
Fearing that they might not get to every home in the area before dark

So after some small talk, and much smiling
They were off to the next home
People here work hard
But they seem to smile a lot as well

And so it is
There is a phenomenon here
Something that has always stayed with me
And given me comfort when my faith in people has been less than great

It is a simple thing
Yet I find it very reassuring
As I traverse Farmland and wilderness
On the slow unpaved roads

The people here seem truly glad to see you coming
As they work in their yards or sit out on their porches in the warmer months
They smile at you
And if you make the effort to acknowledge their presence
When you pass by

They wave to you

If you feel any sort of a connection to this place at all
You feel compelled to wave back
So you wave and say hello

And if you haven't already
You fall in love with this place, and these people

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Sunlight fades
A little more
Each day
Until Darkness prevails
Surpassing slumber
Overtaking introspective
Enveloping all
With long winter nights
I long to lay down
In some warm place
And surrender

Those of tropical climes
They do not notice
My world of sunlight
Fading away
Leaving just enough daytime
To scurry about the routine
Dark before I find my way
Home again

I give in to the night
The Sun does not


Lantern lowering
Now rises again
Daylight showing
One minute here
Two minutes there
Each day now longer than the last
Night time retreats
Reserving reservations
For sleep

The birds know
They flit and fly with renewed vigor
A few minutes more each day
I rally to the light
To increase my flight each day
Knowing full well
The solstice will come again
In June