She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Sunlight fades
A little more
Each day
Until Darkness prevails
Surpassing slumber
Overtaking introspective
Enveloping all
With long winter nights
I long to lay down
In some warm place
And surrender

Those of tropical climes
They do not notice
My world of sunlight
Fading away
Leaving just enough daytime
To scurry about the routine
Dark before I find my way
Home again

I give in to the night
The Sun does not


Lantern lowering
Now rises again
Daylight showing
One minute here
Two minutes there
Each day now longer than the last
Night time retreats
Reserving reservations
For sleep

The birds know
They flit and fly with renewed vigor
A few minutes more each day
I rally to the light
To increase my flight each day
Knowing full well
The solstice will come again
In June