She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Thursday, April 08, 2010


All around

The awakening has begun

We sense the cycles

Around the calendar

Each season chases

As the Earth races

Around the sun

We don't always see

The continuum

The slumbering trees awaken

Put forth new leaves, sending

To greet the sun

Winter but a long slow night


So much does each spring resemble the last

That we mistake present for past

But the newborn know

As they begin to grow

Every season unique will show

The sum

Every year a part

Of the continuum

None of us knows

How long we will last

So hold on fast,

To the racing chasing seasons

As they fly for their own reasons

(Photo courtesy of P Burns)


Jon Parsons said...

beautiful poem bobb... and the images are wonderful with these words... especially that adorable little lamb!

hope you're well friend...

Jon (the artist formerly known as Hopper)

Mariana Soffer said...

We do not see the continum because we can not see the big picture either. We need to learn to do this is we want to understand things.
Excelent post indeed

Citizen of Earth said...

Thanks for hopping by Jon

I am well and making plans for a better future
For myself
And for everyone

Keep writing, whichever moniker you should choose


Yes understanding often involves seeing more than we expected to see, or wanted to see...
My eyes are wide open
I'm glad to see yours, and so many others, are wide open too

Best to you both
Bobbb (middle name is Jon too)

Lydia said...

This is so so beautiful, Bobbb.
So much does each spring resemble the last
That we mistake present for past
really hit me hard because a group of very old birch trees were felled in our neighborhood this week. They were just leafed out, probably full of new the opening into spring they had this year was the last. Hundreds....I mean hundreds of birds sang from those trees every summer night as the sun set. It was a symphony that meant so much to me. I am in deep mourning over this loss. Therefore, I needed your wonderful post to remind me to look -- really look -- all around me to see what else is new to cherish this year.

Adee said...

its strange. we live a life that is whole in parts.

meeta said...

Beautiful...the verses as well as how you use the pics along with 'em. is a continuum of time that flows by, we are merely walking the sands of that time, leaving behind our foot prints for those coming after us to follow...wish our human race may leave behind enough so that others might be able to follow.