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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ah, look at all the lonely people...

Year after year, Generation after Generation
I am being told that each is lonelier than the last
That this is the loneliest and most unhappy generation in history.
Television, the internet and technology have isolated people like never before.
Generation X (I don't care)
Generation Y (why should I care?)
Generation ME (whatever)
And so on...
We have created a virtual environment for our children that is unrealistic and fragmenting

Generation Meh...

A relatively new term to describe one's disinterest, disassociation from anything, everything.
A lazy term, like you don't care enough to express an entire thought
And when we are not being lazy
We are being mean, especially online
Cyberspace can be a very mean place.

I recently heard this phenomenon described as a result of the anonymity of today's technology.
Anonymity can result in, among other things, "hatred as public performance"
On the surface, the internet sometimes seems a harsh, mean spirited, even antisocial place.


This same anonymity allows for something more, for it extends to only what we perceive as an identity, that is to say our "political" identity, name address etc.

We now interface with others in chat rooms, bulletin boards, online games, social networks, and the like. As we do so, we use that anonymity to fabricate a new identity; and in that identity we reveal ourselves anew.

People will share with an online community things they don't share with their own friends or family...
It can get quite intimate.

Suddenly, the loneliest generation in history doesn't seem as lonely.
Suddenly, we have a fresh new perspective on humanity
All we need do is ask the community itself what it means to be human.

These responses came from all over the world.

In 2006 a Youtube celebrity posted this challenge
This remains one of the most responded to videos in Youtube history

These compilations show some of the responses to the above challenge
These are the messages people chose to share

Echoes from the hearts and minds of the loneliest generation in history

In memory of Andy


Adee said...

every coin has two sides

one who is alone is mind-full too
one who is online shares more with strangers than offline
and one who is not online, misses a lot of what's going on in the world.

how would have we got to know each other if there was no internet :)


human being said...

'division' is a very practical tool in the hands of power... power seeks domination...

those who are aware can seek ways that bring the broken pieces of the mirror together... and then let the hidden souls to discard their masks and look into that mirror...

this all begins with sharing...
and it's a very long journey... but worthy!

this is what i try to do...

great post as always!