She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Going, Going...

In my mind I am already gone

Fanciful flight
Finding myself exactly where

I want to be going

Do the ends justify the means?
If you learn to let go
There are no "means"
Only a path...

Do what you gotta do?
Better to let go what you gotta let go

Flying free
I am swept away

The river knows
How far to carry me
There is nothing left
To keep me from finding my destiny


human being said...

i love this!
and what an entaglement!
what i think and write about these days is 'path'... in fact all we write is about the path... no?
Bobbb... can i put this part of your magnificent poem on my blog as a separate post? (of course with a link to the original post)

Do the ends justify the means?
If you learn to let go
There are no "means"
Only a path...

some other friends have also shared their precious thoughts... as tips that we can ponder upon as we are walking on the path of life...

how i wished i could see your pics... they have always been so sublime like your words...

i really appreciate your attitude toward life... walking on earth like flying in the sky...


Citizen of Earth said...

We write about
The path

The path we choose
The paths we do not...

Entanglement yes!
For all paths are surely one at some point

I wish you caould see the pics to, for they were inspired by you
Young Raven children playing and diving in the strong winds above Whiteface Mountain

You may use as much as you wish
I will come along shortly to see :)

human being said...

really Bobbb? they are raven photos?

omg! i should find a way to see them... also the previous post... you said it's a crow too...

i put up that post:

thanks so much for sharing your beautiful world and thoughts with us...

they say when you start your journey, all you need will come to you...

and this is the story of this new journey i have... just i find sparkly things on the road with each step i take...

am i not blessed to have friends like you?


Adee said...

the last four lines are amazing...the river knows, how far to carry me :)

here's my take:

"i'm the river
and i carry myself
deep within
i know where i'll go
my destiny is to keep moving
to go with the flow"

i loved the dialogue between u and my dear human :) namaste to both of u :)

Lydia said...

These are spectacular raven shots, Bobbb. And the words soaring and deep at once. Your posts are always like gifts to us.

Just last week I ordered a print of a painting by a blogger friend. It is called The Crow and pictures one singular crow on a tree branch with a gorge and misty mountains behind him. :)

Citizen of Earth said...

The Crow seems to come to us when needed eh?

I'm glad you enjoyed

Citizen of Earth said...

Thank you Adi
It always feels so special, the words that pass here - and I am always enlightened by all of your words