She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


There may be times
In life
That we feel compelled
To either
Move forward

Or not

Life's breath
Is within me
Within everyone

It inspires us

We take flight
And then
We choose a direction


Adee said...


i chose a direction
and then
took a flight towards it?

Citizen of Earth said...


As long as it is you that gets to choose

As for me, I'm taking a look at the lay of the land first, though I already knnow where I am going...

It is all about the timing now

human being said...

and beautiful!

i have read this several times these days... in my reader... in Adee's buzz... and now here...

and each time i liked it more...

sometimes i doubt if there is any direction... perhaps there is just something called going... or flowing... or flying...


Citizen of Earth said...

Interesting you were drawn to this one HB, the image is that of a crow who has just lifted from the tree top but has not yet departed.

human being said...


to be born again
flying off
to land again

all paths are circles


i WILL see it soon...

Shubhajit said...

"Do the ends justify the means?
If you learn to let go
There are no "means"
Only a path..."

This part of your whole creation is interesting, motivating, philosophical and extremely practical, i would say.

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt in my life in my life is to pay as much attention to the means of work as to its end. One of the great peculiarities of great men i have seen is the entire absorption at the time in the task in hand, however trivial.

If you learn to let go...only path. Yes, so true but so difficult..after so many days of practice, i have realized a grain but still to get the bliss.. :-(