She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Saturday, September 11, 2010


The smoke has cleared
The debris, taken away
Yet I still recall
The events of that day
And the stricken sixteen acres
Remain empty
To this day

The words of healing
Became hubris
Capitalizing on tragedy spending
Arguments over what is sacred to whom
Memorializing not mending
Sentiment sleeping
As rhetoric deepens

We struggle to make sense
What was it all about?
While acts of cruelty and hatred
Daily play themselves out

Encompasses us all
Not just those who stand
Not just those who fall
Her wisdom whispers well to me
Upon my threshold landing
That cruelty ends, not through war
But rather love
And understanding


Mariana Soffer said...

Gi, I am glad to see you are writting as good as you always did. I really liked this poem, it is tough, but it is also hopefull and happy at the same time. The things you said regarding cruelty and sense (among other things), really strike a chord in me.

Lydia said...

I realized it had been too long since I was here, probably because I was feeling really depressed about the world and I knew where I could come to find refreshment. You never let me down. Bobbb. There is always beauty and quality in your words. This poem is no exception.

Citizen of Earth said...

Thanks for the kind words
Yes it has been tough - but hope sustains me all the same
Love and peace to you

Citizen of Earth said...


I am sorry you are feeling so depressed about the world
Sorry, but not surprised
These are difficult times, the future of humanity, uncertain.

We look, with strong hopes, for certain miracles to occur, and the faith it takes to do so can far exceed the kind needed to keep the bickering theologies afloat...

But ours is a different kind of faith for hope comes with two dimensions, two possibilities, and the unlooked for, as well as the expected / desired, may be key to our survival.

Things we never imagined may well shape us as we move forward.

Ours is to keep the dreams alive, and the window of hope open.
And at that, you excel