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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Scent of Apples

Ruby runs gold to brown
Red runs to russet
The leaves fade, fall
Dance upon the ground
A familiar scent
The aroma of apples
Fresh clean crisp

It arrives with fleeting frosts
Bars of gray and brilliant white
Against cobalt blue skies

A feeling for apples
Their texture
The daring flash of color
Peeking from leafy branch
Inviting you to take it in your hand
Pick, hold, ponder

Ageless apples so perfect
Here in the old orchard's mill
Even the juice becomes
Simple cider
Pure, without additives

The press groans, grumbles
As the wheel turns and the stuff of memory
Trapped, ripening in my mind
Year after year since I can remember
Comes oozing out and fills the air
With the scent of apples


Lydia said...

Wonderful poem and images. There is some cider in the fridge and I must have a small glass of it before I go to bed!
We have a teenage boy who mows our yard. I pay him too much because he has a great work ethic and I see such potential in him. When I hand him his money I always have an apple also. He asked once where I got them. Same store that has local apples where his mother undoubtedly also buys. But they seem special coming from me I think because he feels he has earned it, and because he has worked up an appetite that a juicy apple quenches well. And there might even be a little of the Eve in the garden thing going on in his 17-year-old brain, who knows!

Quiche said...

Such a lovely scent that you described so well!

I love this time of year! My hair matches the colour of the leaves, and I love walking with the leaves falling. The word autumn always sounded like auburn to me (:

Lydia, that is such a nifty story (:
Cider, or some Applejack does sound good right now!

human being said...

once upon an apple there lived a beautiful memory...

Mariana Soffer said...

Great poetry, I loved it, you perfectly described a moment, with nothing missing and nothing extra. It reminds me ov carver stories that just show a picture of a situaation (dough generally involving humans)

Citizen of Earth said...


Certainly an apple from you would be special indeed!

how nice to match the season!

Yes many many apples
Many many memories
Once upon every time...

Thank you
Yes a picture
A situation
Moments make up a lifetime...

Roxy said...

ohhh.... I love this posting. Apples. We are so far from apples in Canada right now. It's all snow.
I am delighted to find out you are still blogging. I had disappeared from the e-world for a while, not sure if and how long I'll be back, but I wanted to say hello. Love to you!