She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today marks the 226th anniversary of the birth of wildlife illustrator John J Audubon
He took the time to capture the distinctive markings and attributes of many of the worlds bird species, not to mention reptiles, and mammals.
His tireless efforts have given millions the ability to Identify animals in their own back yards and fields over the years.
Now I reflect on his patience and his remarkable ability as I photograph and catalogue the birds that frequent my domain.

Thank you John J
For your time and for your efforts, helping us to better understand and identify our fellow travelers here on earth.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Not a roadside encounter
No trip to the petting zoo
This is different

It is different when they come to your home
Passing through
Silently, stealthily stepping across the way
Stopping for a quick drink
Staying out of sight
Shyly watching
Then moving on

They touch me with their beauty
Belong here, yes they do
Will I see them tomorrow?
Only if I belong here too

Friday, April 01, 2011

NO GO Daddy

To kill an elephant

Bob Parsons CEO of internet giant Go-Daddy has become the target of much criticism after he shot and posted video of himself shooting and killing a male bull elephant.
I think it should be pointed out, here and now, that this criticism falls far too short, failing to point out just how insidious the killing and just how ridiculous was the moronic justification offered afterwards.

Plainly Bob Parsons is a criminal, he is NOT a humanitarian, he is NOT a good guy.

Claiming to help Africans encroach on elephant habitat is tantamount to helping settlers in America's old west wipe out the Sioux for homestead plots, or Brazilian loggers mowing down the Amazon rain forest for lumber.
History will not be kind to these people.

Once again we find that a person does not have to have any understanding of humanitarian issues, environmental issues, or even moral issues, to pull a trigger.
It is not difficult to draw a straight line between this jackass and the mentally defective shooter of an American Congresswoman.
Shoot first, justify later...

If ignorance is truly bliss, Bob must be a very happy man.
If I were as morally bankrupt, as let's say Sarah Palin, I would post a website with Bob's face in the crosshairs, rather than an elephant's.

I marvel at the fact that while we search for and dream about intelligent life out there in the universe, we show nothing but loathing and contempt for intelligent life here on earth.
Whether that life be elephants, whales, dolphins, apes or our fellow human beings in less sophisticated cultures, it doesn't matter.
We treat them all the same
Shoot first, justify later