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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today marks the 226th anniversary of the birth of wildlife illustrator John J Audubon
He took the time to capture the distinctive markings and attributes of many of the worlds bird species, not to mention reptiles, and mammals.
His tireless efforts have given millions the ability to Identify animals in their own back yards and fields over the years.
Now I reflect on his patience and his remarkable ability as I photograph and catalogue the birds that frequent my domain.

Thank you John J
For your time and for your efforts, helping us to better understand and identify our fellow travelers here on earth.


Lydia said...

What a sweet tribute to Audubon. Great photo that he would love, too. When I heard it was his birthday I paid special attention to the goldfinches that day, as it seemed they sang a celebratory symphony in his honor.

Citizen of Earth said...

The Goldfinches are back in color and are appearing in flocks here