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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good Friend Sunday

Friends have come and gone in my lifetime...
Some people just stick around for the good times, some stick it out through thick and thin. Some make sure to be there when times are at their worst.
My uncle Dick once told me: "You are stuck with me, and the rest of your family. But you get to choose your friends. So why not choose wisely?"
Good advise...

As I make the move out to the farm I realize I will be leaving friends behind, will see them less often, that I will be making new friends out in the country.
But there is one good friend that will be coming with me.
A good friend that I have never even met.
A good friend none the less.

Her name is Lydia, we met on Blogger, sharing thoughts on each others writings.
Lydia takes meticulous care with her posts on Writerquake, continuing to post day after day. (Something I found myself unable to keep up with as life became more complicated)

Now that I am finally making the move from Schenectady, NY to Roseboom, NY, I find my head is clearing and I have more time to organize my thoughts, and regain my perspective. And so I would like to take the time to post a tribute to Lydia.

Old Postcard Wednesday

Lydia has been posting some extraordinary images of old postcards every Wednesday since 2008
What better tribute than to share with her, and you, some old postcards I found in my stuff here. (sorry I can't wait till Wednesday, no internet on the farm... yet)

This is the Hotel Van Curler in Schenectady, which stood right next to the old Eire Canal.
The building is now Elston Hall and serves as the main facility for Schenectady Community Collage.
Though the Canal is no more, the Mohawk River still flows silently by the school's borders.

This one's for you Lydia
More old pics and postcards to come



After a long time I once again visit your blog and fine pleasure in it.

I find friendship strictly works in real time. Place, Time and Person; if one in these three factor changes, intensity of friendship reduces or finish.

Citizen of Earth said...

Well said Shubhajit!
So good to hear from you
I have heard it said that people come and go from our lives for a reason...

I am so glad to have the oppertunity here to gain perspective from people everywhere

Lydia said...

I trust that our friendship will survive the fact that it took me nearly two months to read this beautiful tribute post in my honor, Bobbb. I have been behind in my blog reading (book reading too, actually) and have set the goal to read my favorites this week. Since your blog was at the top of the list I found this on Monday night, and I must say I have tears in my eyes and a renewed spirit for the week ahead.

Your postcard is beautiful and I really look forward to seeing more of them.

I hope life is settling into something beautiful for you this summer. As it so happens, finding your post this evening will help me to reset my impression of my own summer. It is better than I thought with friends like you out there. Many many thanks.

Citizen of Earth said...

You were missed, but the internets are a luxury to me now and I don't have the access I would like. So I am not here much myself...

The only options on the farm will be dial-up and dish which is slightly faster but much much more expensive.

I'm waiting for Obama to proclaim fibre optic as necessary for every home in America