She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good Night Irene

Atmospheric recoil
Air and Water exchanging energy
Weather happens
When there is a lot of energy
It happens in a big way

The tropics conspire
Land and sea
Air and Water
She stirs and rears her clouds

Coriolis effect
The earth turns
It sends things spinning

They name her Irene
Awakening slowly
She gathers moisture from the tropic sea
Holding it aloft with ever increasing winds
She heads north

Beating the rain
I hunkered down
On my little farm
And waited for her

Sleeping fitfully

I awoke to her fury
Her winds, bending every bough
Her rain, insatiable
Seeking any weakness
Looking for a sign

It was then I noticed
That I was lucky to have awakened at all
For in the night
As I slept
She took a shot at me

Bark, leaves, branches
Looking in my window
A tall locust
Thrust from the stand
And aimed at my head

But she missed
Not only me
But the house as well
And the windfall of her intention
Will warm me next winter

I will think of her
As I sit by the fire
The devastating fury of her rains
Every bridge and water crossing

I am thankful today
The spirit of the eagle
Still looks over me
As it looks over this place

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