She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 – 11:11:11

Moment of silence
I can feel the silence
When I go outside today

It is oppressive
Surrounding me
Like a crowd of nothing
Pressing close like the cold air itself

The kind of silence that comes with snowflakes
And memories
Big ones

The tall trees sway
The green grass whitens; silently
A day of high contrasts
And of low ones
Snow in November can do that

I think of that day here in the silence
Back in 1918
What it meant to my Grandfathers
What it meant to the world
For a moment the sun shines out
High contrast

The armistice, World War One
Two generations ago, so far from me…

The sun fails
Snow falls
Harder then ever
Low contrast

Outside my window
Stand maple trees
That stood there on that day
Not so long ago
Now it seems

I am connected


Lydia said...

Beautiful-beautiful. You are always connected to nature, but this went even deeper.

(you have a typo on the date, Bobbb, 1819)

(btw, did your grandfather really walk that same ground you now live on? If so, how very profound that is.)

Citizen of Earth said...

Thanks Lydia
(I seem to be getting dyslexic in my old age…)

Yes, my grandfather bought property here and established the tree farm in 1920
There were a number of extraordinary and profound reasons for his doing so.
The story of his life is nothing short of amazing and I hope to write about it soon.
Deserter from the Kaiser’s army, he walked away from his family fortune, history and name, never to look back.
Free Thinker, pacifist, one of the first true conservationists, his is the ideal that now sustains me.