She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Leaves Are Falling

Rusted rustling brown and yellow
Russet ruby twisting curling parchment
Newsletters proclaiming seasonal procession
Front row tickets to summer’s ending

The leaves are falling
The geese calling
Summer stalling

Blue sky
Grey sky
Somber stillness

The leaves are falling
As I am recalling
Birch, Elm
Maple and Ash
Walnut, Cherry
Locust, Beach
Butternut, Elder, Oak
Tamarack, Apple, Ironwood, Dogwood

The leaves are falling
I listen to the soft sound
As I find my pillow

Sleep calling
Evening takes me
Winter awaits


Lydia said...

I my opinion? This is a perfect post.

The photo of the farm is so beautiful. That sepia-colored sky beckoning you to a good night's sleep is beyond beautiful.

Citizen of Earth said...

Thanks so much Lydia
Now I begin to settle in and my cameras become more active
The Farm in the picture is the Morton Farm - they are one of my neighbors, like myself, at the end of the road. From the top of the hill there is quite the view for sunsets…
Not a day goes by here that does not take my breath away.