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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Last Full Measure of Devotion

Support the troops
Regardless of the politics
Abraham Lincoln understood this distinction, as he stood in the cemetery at Gettysburg and spoke to the nation.
Asking us to strengthen our resolve and to finish the enormous task begun by our soldiers, to unify the nation and to emancipate the slaves.
He asked this of us so that those who gave as he called it "the last full measure of devotion" should not have died in vain.
And so we do, remembering those who perished while fighting for the ideals of this nation, Freedom, Democracy, Justice...
We memorialize them with respect and solemn ceremony, as well we should.

But what about those who were not fighting?
What about the victims of crime and circumstance?

I learned this week that in MY lifetime alone more Americans have died from acts of domestic gun violence than in ALL AMERICAN WARS COMBINED.
What about their sacrifice?

When we talk about gun control why do we ignore this startling and shameful statistic?
The victims of gun crimes include innocent men, women, children, infants, as well as members of law enforcement.
Why should we allow these dead to have died in vain, while we honor our soldiers so?
Their noble sacrifice should give us purpose, and move us towards acts of prevention.
Instead we just run out and buy more guns.

This is a despicable and cowardly reaction and we should take note that it does a tremendous disservice and shows an enormous amount of contempt and disrespect to those who died most innocently.

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