She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Neighborhood

Creatures, great and small
Populate my world and all
They are my neighbors, friends
They are everywhere, to all ends
Most shyly respecting me and mine
From the grassy brush
From beyond the tree line
Or down below 'neath leafy blades
Crouched, hidden in the shades
Some waiting
To invade... 

Creatures, lithe and limb
Fleet footed, soft and slim
Some feathered, flying
Some in the darkness, crying
Some in the moonlight
Softly sighing
Some living
Some dying 

Creatures, true and bold
Out there in the cold
Amid fen and fold
Brown, green and gold
Forever untold

Creatures, great and small
Silently they call
Eight legs
Four legs
Six legs
Two legs
Hundreds of legs
No legs at all
Some peering down from trees on high
Some sailing swiftly across the sky
Some swimming in a teardrop
Falling from my eye

Creatures, swift and fast
Echo from the past
Who am I to say
How ends this play
Or which of us shall last?



Into The Wild.

It's winter time now, and your atmosphere, pic, and write-up say you are absolute in 'Zen Space'

Citizen of Earth said...

Yes I am - absolutely
Perhaps more than ever before

Lydia said...

This made me cry. What beauty comes from your soul.

Citizen of Earth said...

Thank you Lydia
The beauty of this place makes me cry almost daily...
Good to find that I still have a soul and a voice.