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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Price of Respect

Multi Cultural
Multi National
Multi Lingual
Multi Theistic

Multi multi multi

We are but one tribe
A mere 2,000 generations out of Africa
Yet we cling to a fragmented world of beliefs
As if the beliefs themselves
Were more important than our survival
Each faction each nation each religion
Demanding my respect.
While at the same time spending between one and three
TRILLION dollars globally
Every year

Just to defend ourselves from each other...

Want my respect?
Put your money where your mouth is
And we'll talk



True to certain aspect.

But this world needs equal or even greater amount of evil to live its own life cycle.

Unity in diversity resides only within, apparently everything is multi and contradictions.

Citizen of Earth said...

Agreed - there will always be evil - but we should recognise the futility of spending all of our wealth to sustain it.

Unity in diversity resides only within...
I like that
Acceptance of diversity should then follow...

Jon said...

Nicely put! The garden grows a prickly flower in this poem...