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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paranoia Strikes Deep

A little science in the wrong minds can be a bad thing.
What is it with these conspiracy theorists that makes them want to wallow in their own misconstrued bullshit and misinformed idiotic ideas and then label themselves "Truthers"?  

Denying the Apollo moon landings - asinine
"Loose Change"? - laughable
Anti "Climate Change" -  Outright dangerous and STUPID
And now Sandy Hook truthers... Paranoia OUT OF CONTROLL

Lets get it straight from the get go
Truthers are concerned with anything BUT the truth.
Their grasp of science is weak, if at all discernable.
To accuse grieving parents of partaking in a vast conspiracy to take away guns???

It's criminal. 

Anyone this paranoid about gun control SHOULDN"T BE ALLOWED TO OWN A GUN IN TNHE FIRST PLACE. 
Instead they should be invited to have their heads examined.
And if you happen to be a Florida Public University professor like James Tracy - you should be invited to seek different employment; perhaps as a clown for Ringling Bros. in Sarasota

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