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Monday, May 13, 2013

May Snow is the Sweetest

Bandingo Farm Update
Weather Report

It is snowing today.
Did last night too.
No accumulation so far...
But here on the hill tops you never know.

A somber gray shroud hovers and drifts overhead.
Thick... Quilted patches of texture and hue.
Pressing close, just over the hilltop, as if at any moment
We may just be in it.

Every so often a burst of large white flakes appears, dances...
Outlining the wind, revealing her secret jets and eddies
And then is gone.

Such is the weather today.
Light and dark interwoven.
The Apple blossoms tremble.
I don't think it will break forty five degrees.
The low canopy will mean not much chance if it getting any warmer, but it also means that it won't get too much colder tonight either.

The Jays and Thrush discuss the prospects loudly.
They and the others understand that the Hawk, the Owl and the Falcon are taking shelter today...
But the Crows keep watch all the same.

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