She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Understanding the Universe:

Things to keep in mind:
- Everything is very much a part of every other thing.
- Evolution is not a process, it is a consequence. Selection is the process.
- Matter is Energy. Energy is Matter.
- Imagination is more important than ambition.
- Regardless of our own behavior, nothing is ever wasted or thrown away.
- The Sun is a star, one of a countless multitude.
- Stars hang out in Galaxies.
- Our Galaxy contains some four hundred billion Stars
- There are, by far, more Galaxies than there are Stars in our own.
- Stars are, in fact, factories. Weaving the fabric of the universe from the periodic table
- They make everything.

They made you.

You are in a very real way not just a part of the Universe, but the Universe itself, contemplating it's own existence through the phenomenon known as consciousness.

So am I...
So is every other living thing...

In many ways understanding the Universe is going to be about understanding Each Other.
How about we give that a try?