She whispers my name... Only I can hear

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunshine Sally

As near perfect as it gets...
Blue skies, warm days...

Fall foliage ablaze.
I love this time of year, bright colors all around me
Clean air surrounds me.
Harvesting, canning, cooking
Picking apples, gathering apples
Apple cider, apple pie, apple crisp, apple sauce.
The kitchen warms the whole house and everything smells wonderful.

In addition to all of this seasonal activity there is something else I get to do.
Something different, something special, something I really don't get to do very often...
I get to sally.
Not just in the broad sense of the word, but a full blown venture with much to gain and everything to lose.
Each day now, weather permitting, I sally forth into the woods with the pretense of locating dead and dying trees and to triage them for the purposes of stocking my woodshed. Some to be gathered now, some next year, and some to be left for the wildlife to utilize.

Not simply ventures, these are ad-ventures. The quest for firewood takes me to the remote places. Places I have long not been, have perhaps never been.
To where the young Fox play and carry on
Where the Deer come to birth their fawn
Where the Owls nest against the dawn.
Places where the Crows keep watch, where ancient farmhouse and fields fade
Where walls of stone slowly pass away.
To these places now I go as I ponder with purpose all that I see.
When the snow falls I will still, in these woods wander.
But for today I sally
I sally in the sunshine.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Serious Moonlight

Silent silver Harvest Moonlight
Holds captive the hillside and all of the surrounding fields, forests and meadows
Only the boldest of stars dare to accompany her radiance
While down below gently sleeps the rolling countryside
Cobalt and cadmium, slate and white mist
Fading to black in the deep forest places

I used to lay awake on such nights
Just to watch my lover sleep in the moonlight
But such comfort is not to be mine
And she is not there, perhaps never was

Now the hillside is my lover, keeper of my heart
I gaze at her slumbering indifference
As she rolls and basks in the silver moon silk
Knowing with the confidence of stock and stone, leaf and limb
That she will always be there in the morning

But tonight
Tonight I ride with the last full moon of summer
Fading fast, still holding my little world
In her tender embrace for one more night of perfect stillness
While the owls keep watch and call out the passing hours

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Useless, Useless

Looking for a place to stand
Amid so many
Lines in the sand
All the while wondering
What to do with our hands